365 days professional golf - why I write and what I work on

365 days to professional golf is my personal blog about my attempt and journey to get back into professional tournament golf.

I am documenting my effort, my thoughts, my ups and downs. This is a straight upfront blog. Honest and without holding back anything.

When you read my blog, you read my thoughts. You learn about me, how I work and how I deal with my tasks and challenges. It is honest in every way.

Being 45 and attempting yet another time to accomplish a dream which I have for 2 decades is  a huge task. It is tough, physically, financially and emotionally. However, I am 100 % willing and able to get the job done.

This documentation will hopefully help and guide others and if it does, I accomplished a tremendous goal.

365 to professional golf is a live documentation of a man working on and living his dream without any doubt that it can be accomplished, not matter what.

Follow me and experience first hand what others only know from biographies and stories they hear through media.

Thank you for stopping by.


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