Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Staying with your dream is what it will take - I am still on it !

It has been over a month, almost two since I found the time and the calm to sit down and reflect and write something.

There was just too much on my mind and on my plate to find a moment to actually share my thoughts and feelings and the status of my progress.

It seems that life always has something to throw in to your way to work on. Overall I must say whatever came my way so far was pretty small stuff. Nothing really significant. I did not get seriously sick, did not have any accidents or other hardships. But one significant factor remains present at all times: Age!

If I would be 25 again all those things around me would be literally a piece of cake. Work , practice and get things done.

So over the last few months I tried to do exactly what I want and need to do. Practice, play golf, take care of business and have a social and family life. Did not work as I liked it to be. By far not enough practice. Often simply to tired to get up at 6 am and get going. Some times my mind to full to focus on what needs to be done.

Two main reasons would be transportation and then some dental problems , which those took me out a couple of weeks as well. In regards to those two matters we are at a turning point. Both issues, transportation and dental will be taken care of over the next few weeks. Dental work and with it all issues will be done tomorrow. Transportation I am not exactly sure yet. But we work on it.

Once our transportation issue is resolved this will free my time to actually get in my 4 or so hours practice a day in without being under constant time pressure. I can assure you, that under time pressure good practice is simply not possible.

On the up side, I was able to accomplish some very good things on the range. My short game came back nicely. Putting most of my work into 100 yards and less shots, as well as bunker play and putting. Especially bunker play came along big time.

With my woods I only made limited progress. Mainly I fine tuned my 5 wood and my 4 hybrid. Both crucial clubs in  my game as I am not the longest of the tee and need to have those clubs under control. My driver got the least work out. Although I can live with it, it holds me back to shoot the real low round. But after my season is over end of September a new plan will be developed.

For example I measured my home practice area today. But can not proceed with it until I have some other issues resolved. Things which might take the space I need for the cage away. But we will see how it will work out.

A big step forward I made with my mental approach and training. Thanks to Youtube there is so much access to great meditation and other audio recordings. With a good headphone I was able to get some good work in. But I am far away from being where I want with that as well. Finding silence for a few hours is not easy.

So I worked my way out of a big hole I was in for weeks. Shooting scores which were almost scary. a few of them even in the upper 80s. But I kept on playing and got a few good rounds and one great round going ( between 74 and 79). That was , as you can imagine a huge relieve.

There will be no big events before the WGATUSA Nationals in PA. Just some skins game rounds, practice and maybe a couple family rounds. Depending on what will happen at the Nationals, the plan for the rest of the year will be made.

If I am able to bring my flight home and win it, I will be able to play for the USA in Turkey. So October and November will be full force preparation for just this event. Given the case that I will not fly to Turkey, preparation for the next season will start immediately.

Main goal will remain the same. Play full time professional golf and put the hours and work in every day to make it happen.

Until that point where will be some changes so. I will start doing some other work again. So the days will more look like 4 hours practice and 4 to 5 hours work. Tournaments scheduled around those times. Not ideal and it will be demanding and exhausting, but also necessary.

Most important next year  will be playing large national tournaments and official FSGA and USGA events. But a schedule can not be put together until the end of the year.

I am excited that I can do what I can do. Even though I am not satisfied at all with how my days look like . in terms of golf. I believe I made further progress and did what I could to work with what I have.

It is up to me to change my circumstances and there will be a huge emphasis on just that. Work on team building, full time club membership, more charity events and so on.

Next update might come soon. Need to get some equipment before the championship and certainly will report about how we get there, play practice rounds and the tournament itself.

Thank you for all the nice messages and encouragements. I can assure you, that I won't give up. If anything I work harder and be more persistent and aggressive with my goals.

As always, helpful tips, comments, suggestions and so on are very welcome. For example on how I can get my hands on a good launch monitor and build my practice area at home. All for a reasonable price. Financing OK. Also on how I can get into some other big charity events around the country.

Certainly looking for interesting tournaments and events.