Thursday, July 2, 2015

Changes are good, but how far should you go?

Just found out that I posted an article in the wrong blog. I will not change it over, but post a link below where you can find my writing.

When you read this entry you will find that I was talking about changes. Over the past weeks I was trying to find out what kind of changes I need to make.

And I am still not exactly sure what I will change and in which way. But a few conclusions I made so far.

3 things I so far figured out which I have to work on and do better.

1. Practice

I always thought that the more balls I hit, the better I get. Wrong. It is not the number of balls which count, it is the quality of the shots I am working on. Yesterday I started to put this in place. I practiced for a short period, but I went through my routine for every shot, played my shots in playing tempo. It was a great success and I feel much better about the result.

2. Mental strength

Over the past weeks I was really struggling with my mental game. As a matter of fact I was struggling in general to keep my focus on the task and on the end goal. It went as far as me questioning my entire venture. I guess you can call it crisis.
But luckily I came to a positive conclusion and again know that what I am doing is the right thing and I am on the right way. I just need to put more work in mental training. Take the time to meditate, think slower and have definite times to think. So I do not lose sleep again as a result of my mind working at times when it should not.
But I found several systems online which I will try to use to build up more confidence again and to have even clearer vision of my game, tasks and life and large.

3. Personality

With the mental crisis there came a personality crisis as well. Will I  have to become someone else to be successful and reach my goals? The answer is more clear than ever : NO.
Every golfer has his own way, his on personality and his own thoughts. Also his way of living and being. There is no need to apply any changes. I like the way I am and I just need to make sure that I bring myself to the course. With everything which comes with it.

I believe I tried to hard to become a different person to attract circumstances and people which might be good for my life and business. However, by changing I would attract circumstances and people which do not fit in that mentioned life. So despite the fact that there are some changes I need to apply, my personality needs to remain exactly the same in order accomplish my goals and to keep believing.

I am aware, that reading all this my be a little confusing. But I can assure you, it all makes sense. With all that being said I believe that my game will come back to the same level where I was 6 weeks ago.

As early as this Saturday I will apply a different approach and I believe I will see results right away.

So in short :

I will practice smarter, work more on the mental aspect of the game and go back to my basic simple approach.

Further I will implement a different practice and playing schedule. Less stress and less pressure.
Just need to find my fun again.

Gladly I take advice about ideas on how to improve. So if you know of programs, lessons, videos or anything which might help, please send it my way.

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