Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 - a good golf year so far - Playing the WGATUSA, FSGA, GC AM Tour and WFAM Tour

2015 so far was a very busy year so far. While golf is on top of my agenda, there is a ton of other things which take up my time, strength and dedication. This makes it even harder to keep up with all my writings online and offline.

But I am working hard to get back on to of it.

So how did I do so far with my golf practice, golf tournaments, golf equipment and my overall situation in relation to work ?

It all goes pretty well. Considering that I only have 24 hours in a day, I believe that I am doing a good job to balance golf, family, work and our home.

Winter was difficult in terms of practice. I had no membership at any course. That means I pay for all range balls. Considering the amount of balls I am practicing with, that is a huge amount. But I tried to control it by putting even more weight on my short game. My daily dose of balls should be about 300 on the range. I did about 90 on each session. Since I was very busy with work on our homes, my sessions were limited. Not because I did not want, but because was tired and there was sometimes no time left. But I got the job done and so there is no big projects which will do that again.

I did most of my practice at Suncoast Golf Center. New balls, new tees, new pro. Great place to improve.

As a matter of fact, I did take some lessons with the head pro there and will take some more. Scott helped with some major improvements, which start to set in slowly but surely. After a rough start right after my lessons, I am now back on track. Getting longer, more accurate and keeping my misses in play.

I am blessed to report that my Summer Membership at Sarabay CC was sponsored again for this year. This will make a huge difference yet again. Last year it threw me forward big time with my game and this year I can add to that. No more worries about all the practice balls and one of the best short game facilities in the area at my hands. Also a wonderful course and club.

In regards to tournaments. I played a lot of them in March. 4 different tours. Different formats. Tons of travel. Playing from Orlando to Naples. All over. I absolutely loved it and love it. Nothing like it and I feel so happy that I can do it. On top of that I had some good success. Winning several events, coming in 2nd and 3rd a few times and always stay within the top 10 ( only I couple times it was not very good). Past two months were very good for me, no doubt.  My game improved, my the way I mentally approach the rounds approved and my results approved.

I love the tournament lifestyle and continue with it through the year. Upcoming events include two WGAT USA events in Ft Myers ( a tour which I lead on the local level ), a Symetra Tour Pro Am where I will be able to play with one of the future LPGA Stars, a City Championship, The WGAT USA Masters beginning of May and a Celebrity Invitational Tournament in Tampa playing with some NFL Players.

Not only is that all fun, but also will I be able to win prices, cash, trophies and keep building my public profile. Also I will meet new friends and build relations, which helps for out future planning as well as it will open new doors into the wonderful world of pro golf, charity golf and amateur golf.

My latest edition to my bag was also my last. I did not do anything for my clubs for a while. I am happy with my clubs. But there is some improvement to be made. Need a new SW, a new Hybrid and all of my clubs need new grips. I usually change grips often. But the cost is tremendous. I am aware that with all my play I should change them every 6 months. But I kept it low. Now I am working on it . Just need to find the best way. Have plenty of gift certificates and might be able to get something done with them. We will see.

My work around the house and in other fields took a lot of energy out of me. One of the things suffering from that is my writings. It is hard to write good or reasonable content when exhausted. So I kept it very low. But I personally think I 'd rather write less now and deliver better content, then writing all the time and just putting stuff out there.

In any case. I am back and it looks like I have more time to back on the board. Things are going well. I love what I do and I am thankful for all the support I get. For some it might be hard to understand how much effort, $, time and work goes into a game or any game if you want to succeed on a professional level. It also takes a toll on family, friends and everything around you. It takes great support and good people to tag along with that and most important, they all need to believe in you and the cause.

I am lucky to got all that and so I will work harder and harder to get it done. Thank you for all the messages asking about my status and how things are going.

What else?

I am trying to buy a Foresight Golf Launch Monitor. A toll to improve and to make $ with. Also something for the future when we get our Hotel our Bed & Breakfast going or our little sports bar. Anybody out there knows of used items? Financing such equipment or any other way to get my hands on it? Trades? All suggestions are welcome.