Saturday, January 10, 2015

The final weeks of 2014 and a new start in to a new season

2014 comes to an end and it was an interesting, amazing and also yet a difficult year on my way. The quest to reach a professional playing level will remain active from here on.
It is the last day of a  cruise we are on with family. Sitting on my balcony looking out on the water I think about the last 8 weeks. While from a work and personal standpoint they were exciting and wonderful weeks from a golfing perspective they were tough, not very successful and overall a setback.
My practice time was brief and without a home base to go practice not very productive. Did the best I could in my mind. Bounced between 3 different places. 3 different balls on the range. Not an easy task. There was no time to play many rounds. Between working, organizing and travelling there only few opprtunities to get out. Tournaments were at first not on the schedule, but I was able to enter a couple official events. Glad to say that I played well . Also played some Skinsgame rounds. Did not do to good there but yet they were fun because of the fact that I played with old friends and since the parents now live here my dad can play with us as well.
My scores were except 3 of them very high. Just could not find my rythm. So instead of being in the 75 to 71 range I had to take a few 80s rounds.
When I think about it , it becomes clear that the reason is the off time I had. Fact is that I am still in my growing phase. While in that phase every brake, as short as it might be, results in a setback. With that thought in mind my concern is not huge. It will take 3 weeks to be back where I left off and my desire is bigger than it was before. There is a few things which need to be cleared. The biggest one being my homebase for practice. Right now I feel kind of homeless. Not a good situation. There are many factors which come in to play when choosing the next one. We will see in the next few days and weeks how it will play out.
On this cruise I had the opportunity to not only think about golf, but also to practice. The ship had a very nice practice area, some ok balls and a few good clubs. So every day I worked on my timing(the biggest issue I have to work on) and on my routine. Have to say that I feel like I made progress. Although playing with some old clubs which feel not close to mine I hit the sweetspot the majority of times.
My mindset also has evolved yet again over the last 7 days. The clarity with which I see myself in the future has become even stronger. That does not only include my spot and role as a golfer. It also includes the way I see myself in other ways like as  charity advocate, husband, son, friend, brother businessman and so on. All those things are impacted by my passion for the golf sport and in need to be connected in a way so life will be happy ,relaxed and joyful while going through it.
The fact is , my dream will not go away no matter what and so all other things need to be carefully puzzled into this dream. We are getting closer though.
We will be home Sunday morning. That will give me a good day to prepare for a very exciting week of golf and work. Starting Monday at Sarabay Country Club where I will play my first West Florida AM Tour event of the season. Followed by 3 concentrated practice days which lead to the National  Matchplay Championship of the WGAT in Howey in the Hills, the last event for this year. The idea will be to finish strong. I will work hard for it and enjoy every moment of those days. This will be a week how I like it . 4 hour practice, 3 hours work and the rest online and some family time.  Also I am back on no alcohol and special diet starting Monday . Still need to work of 50 lbs. Long ways to go . But I am even more excited and thankful than I was before. My recap of the year will come right after next weekend. Thank you to all who follow me and to those who send messages of encouragement. All that helps as well.