Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How was 2014 and what is there to come

Life can be a very busy thing and so it was for myself the last few months of 2014. That would be the main reason why you did not find many articles and texts on line. Not for golf and not for anything. But things going on every day it was hard to find the time and focus to sit down and actually write.

Again I will try to do a better job doing so. Knowing that there is people actually following and watching me.

In 2014 I was able to make some big steps forward. Not really talking about winning events or finishing in the pay ranks. That is a good thing and boosts confidence. But I won before and I made money before. When I talk about big steps forward I think about my average score, my swing and my course management skills.

After starting the year playing well I realized that I am standing still. Meaning, I was not improving regardless of how many balls I was hitting. I shot good rounds and then I shot some not so good rounds. But nothing really changed.

My lesson with Jerry Hinton changed my game right away. Considering that my grip was the only thing he worked on, that is very impressive. But it was me playing with different groups, which improved my game even more. As a matter of fact , playing with retired PGA pros and exceptional good golfers more often, elevated my game dramatically. To a point that I actually shot under par again.

Up until October I was  playing rounds in the upper and lower 70s week after week. A great feeling. Best thing about it was, that I believe that I did not change my swing or game at all. What I did change was my course management approach and the way I looked at my game on and off the course.

2 factors which played a big role in my course management skills were a) The Golf Game and b) my Summer Membership at Sarabay Country Club.

The Golf Game showed me clearly how I was navigating golf courses and what adjustments I had to make. Playing at Sarabay Country Club helped me to work on my approach shot and where to place it in different situations.

From October to December things changed a little. We had to take care  of several things which resulted in me not being able to practice nor play as much as I liked and my mind being a little off track. That resulted in playing some not so good golf. Loosing some confidence in my game was probably the main reason for this little hole.

Being in this position I thought that it would be a great opportunity to change a few clubs. I really was not happy with my driver and also open to start with a new putter.

To keep it short. I found a great putter, the True Balance from Bridgestone and after being evaluated on a Flight Scope yet again, I also found the perfect driver, Titleist 915 D2.

My first round with both new clubs I shot a 2 over par round at Tatum Ridge Golf Links right away.
Best statistic about that round was the fact that I hit 12 fairways and that I gained 15 yards in average.

Naturally I am aware that one round really is not enough to tell how much improvement can be made with new equipment, but it was sign of hope.

In all I would say that in 2014 my game improved a lot. I am still not where I need to be. But I am very close and getting closer with each round.

2015 is around the corner and I have big goals. There are plenty of tournaments to be played, events to be part of, articles to be written and much more.

I will start with a nice tournament right after New Years. The FSGA has a Winter Series Championship on TPC Prestancia in Sarasota.

Because a current cold I am not sure about preparation. But it should be fine. What comes after I will lay out later. I am in good spirits and look forward to a great 2015