Thursday, July 31, 2014

Does practice make perfect ? No, but it sure helps to have more luck on the course

9 days since my last entry. A long time. But it has been a busy period. Played a couple of round. One at Bobby Jones Golf Complex. A good round considering the conditions on this golf course. I was satisfied with my iron shots and my short game. My driver was OK but not exactly accurate.

I got in some good practice at Sarabay Country Club, my summer base. Mostly working on iron shots up to 175 and on my short game. Really working heavy with my LW. This club was one of my best clubs in my bag once around the green and I want to get back where I had it. A scoring club.

Last Sunday I played at Tatum Ridge Golf Links. Now that was a good round and an interesting round. I know play in the first group. That is a very positive sign. The early groups are usually the better players in the field. So there is a promotion.

Also I get to play with my current coach Jerry Hinton. That gives him the opportunity to watch me and to also help me if necessary. On that last Sunday I really wanted to get my driver in order and see if I can in someway get my new grip to work for me with this club.

First drive was not exactly pretty, but it gave me a good shot to the green, which I was able to get it on and start with a nice par. The second time I used my driver on the par 5 number 3. It was the last time for this round. Again the shaft of my Taylormade R11s broke in half.

I had a very good driver with good distance. But the best part was , that I did not hurt anyone. I had a similar experience with the same driver and shaft at Bradenton Country Club at charity tournament. Good drive, broken club, nobody hurt.

So my plan to work on my drive went out the window on the 3rd hole. My plan was to play with my 3 wood. But since we were in private skins game, my partners offered me to use their drivers. So on 4 I tried an older Taylormade Burner. A disaster. Almost hit the water on the left. Got lucky and saved a bogey on that hole.

Then I tried the Tour Edge Exotic driver Jerry was playing. Looked nice and had a nice shaft to it as well. It was not easy, but this driver I could hit. I was back in the game or at least partly.

From there on I hit some OK drives. I kept myself in play. That is always good. What kept me in play was my short game. On 2 I chipped in with my LW for a birdie. On 6 I chipped in with my LW for a birdie and I hit the pin on 7 yet again. It did not fall in though.

My wedges were great. My putting was good ( the greens were much better than before and rolled nicely) and when I was in trouble I was able to hit great iron shots from all kinds of lies. My 3 wood of the deck was great. Made good contact through out this round.

In the end I shot a 5 over par round. Not too exciting after being under par at first and finishing the front 9 par. On the other hand. I had a penalty on the back and still had to work with this new driver. So it was all a good thing.

The best news I think was that Jerry told me that my shot shape has improved an my contact sounds and looks more solid. Also I gained some distance. Those are all great aspects I must say.

Also very positive was that I could try out this driver on the course and in a match. I liked it . It looked good, felt good and had a nice solid feel to it. The bounce of the club face was much better than with my old driver and the weight was incredibly light. Not sure how much weight this club had, but it was light and felt great.

I started researching the company and the club itself and am pretty impressed. So I decided I will try it out at Golfsmith and then take it from there. Meanwhile I still have a last shaft for the R11s which I will use until I make a decision.

Yesterday and the day before I put in some very productive practice at Sarabay Country Club. Again working on my short game and irons. Yesterday I added 1 hour of putting to it. My shots on the range were almost perfect. Not sure if it was my hard work or the fact that Jessica Korda was practicing right next to me :). Either way, I was very happy and excited that the new grip has such a positive impact on my game.

Over the next few weeks much will happen. This week I will only play a private round on Saturday at my club and on Sunday to the Skins game yet again. But next week we are back in the hunt.

River Wilderness with the FSGA, Waterlefe CC with GC Am Tour and then SF Colliers CC in Naples with the WGAT USA - South Florida Championship. I am so ready and so excited. Never felt better about my swing and my mental game. My physical condition is not as I would like, but I feel good and that is the most important part.

I have a long way to go, but I enjoy it and keep moving towards the goal line. Today is over. Just doing some work around the house and leave business and golf behind for the rest of the evening. That is the only way to keep a fresh mind.

Anybody played Colliers CC in Naples before? How was it? Any suggestions? I am always open.

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