Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First day of practice - warming up for a full force season

Today was the day. I started my the summer with a 2 1/2 hour practice session at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club. Main goal was to get a feel for the ball and some rhythm. Mainly I planned to work on my short game.

In all I spend 2 hours around the green. Working with my LW, GW and SW. Different shots from different lies including downhill, rough, behind trees and so on. The green was in OK shape. Not very fast but green and rolling nicely.

In between I tried to hit some irons. This always is a challenge there. The range is not in good shape. Not one even spot to play from. Luckily the golf school mat was available and so I put my focus on GW and PW shots from there. Between 50 and 110 yards. Easy swings.

Last I did some hybrids, 3 W , 5 W and driver. But only with the driver and a tee it made sense to swing. There was not a spot which was in good shape. I kept it short with those clubs. My drives were OK and I had some good shots with the other clubs.

After fighting the range and the balls I went back to the short game area and did another 150 shots there. I really worked on my LW. In order to make the ball stop on fast greens I need to be 100 % confident in this club. For some time now I was not so sure about using my LW.

It all worked well today. Got a really good feel for my wedges and my driver felt pretty as well.

Great feeling to be back on the range and course. I feel like I did what I am supposed to do and had fun every minute of this session. Even though the weather already is pretty hot I must say. But I do not feel the heat that much. As a matter of fact, I like when it is hot and humid.

Really feels good to get a work out again and I can not wait to be out there 4 to 6 hours a day. I was not able to set my new practice deal in stone yet. That is a big challenge. However, I will keep working on this matter. In order to move on and work in a professional setting, I need to get it going.

Suggestions are welcome. If you know a country club deal which is reasonable and close to me, send me a message. I am extremely interested in signing for a summer membership at a good club. I need a championship course which is as tough as possible, with fast and difficult greens, a good short game area, an iron driving range, a fast putting green and a good social agenda.

What that means is that there should be a restaurant, a men's club, professional tournaments if possible and other events.

A monthly fee would be preferred and a low food and drink spending limit would be good. An initiation fee should not be. Remember, I am in the Bradenton , FL area and need a club which is no more then a few miles away. Suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

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