Thursday, April 17, 2014

City of Bradenton Two Men Combo Championship 2014 and other things I did and do

It has been a while since I wrote. Why? I was busy. Busy playing golf. That is a good thing. Last weekend I played for the first time in my a life in an event where you play 4 different formats and with a team partner. It sounded like fun the moment my friend Adam Zaydel told me about it.

Was it fun? Oh yes it was. I enjoyed every minute of it, although we did not win a dime. But let us go through it real fast.

Adam and myself started on Saturday morning on hole 1. First format was simple better ball for 9 holes. I was hot right from the get go. I did not miss a fairway and had good opportunities for birdies. That was a good thing because Adam was off to a tough start. We did a good job navigating through the first 9. The back 9 was played as a scramble ( hit two tee shots and then play both balls from there and so on) . We did well here again. I continued to hit fairways and long drives and Adam came back and we were able to shot a good 70.

That put us just outside the Championship flight. Which was a good thing. The leader hat 7 shots on us and that is a huge margin. In the 1st flight however we were on top with some others and had a good chance to make things happen.

Sunday we started on the back 9. Format: Modified alternate ( both tee off , then play the ball you picked to the hole alternating players). Interesting format. Even more so when both players have trouble to get the tee shot in to the fairway. Those 9 holes were tough. It was hard work to get any score going and looking back, I think I made some wrong decisions. Especially of the tee.

We managed to finish without a major disaster and in my mind we had a pretty good chance to pick it all up on the last 9, playing scrambled better ball. Both hit a tee shot and then both finish their ball.

I had some good looking birdie putts on the first 3 holes. But my putts did simple not fall. On 4 we both had a birdie putt and Adam managed to roll it in. We followed up with a couple pars and made two more birdies before coming to 18.

My drive was good. Very good. Only had about 130 to the pin. I knew, that if we can make one more birdie, we have a shot at some $. I pulled my shot to the left fringe. Adam left it to the right of the green. But what happened next was the most strange and incredible thing. It might not have lost us the tournament, but it sure took away one chance.

We walked up to the green talking bout what ball to play. We discussed the distance , the break and lie. Once we were done I picked up my ball which was much further away and walked towards Adam. That is when our fellow players asked me what I am doing. We both turned around and looked surprised. Then it became clear to us, that we mixed up the formats. Unbelievable. After 8 holes playing one format, we actually switched in our minds to the scramble again. I was stunned. In over 25 years of golf I have never made a mistake like that.

Adam saved the par. But it was not good enough. We finished T3. After score card play off we came in 5th and won nothing. What a thing.

We had plenty of opportunity. I felt great and played good. Adam came back in form on both days. It just did not happen. The putts did not fall. But I will play next time again. It was a refreshing change.

Played a West Florida Golf Tour Event the following Monday at Lakewoodranch Kings Dunes. A tough and wonderful golf course. My goal was to attack every pin from wherever I was. It was not easy and I did not succeed. But I felt good about what I did. Arnold Palmer attacked and I think I need to attack more. This time it did not work out, but next time it will.

There were a few good drives, great bunker shots, nice fairway woods and certainly good putts. But also there were some unlucky kicks, tough breaks and wrong club selections yet again. It was the last event of my winter season. I woke up with some sore bones the next day and needed one full day to recover.

I played well the last 7 months. Played many events. Won a couple, finished in the money in a few and learned a lot about myself, the game and the tours.

Now I have a 3 week break. I will practice. But there is not much play. Maybe one tournament in May. My focus over the next weeks will be on developing a better plan on how to move on and progress further. How to get the mandatory 6 hours of golf in every day, where to get my lessons and coaching and how to play more tournaments all over FL and beyond.

One thing is for sure. There need to be changes in order to move on and reach for the goal. What I think and what will happen I will naturally share with all of the readers. Beginning May 15th or so I will up the blog to a daily entry again. Call it a diary if you like.

But what comes next is what will ease my mind and relax my body. We will go on a 7 day first honeymoon on a ship. Relax, enjoy, think, plan, decide and put things in perspective. I will practice for about 1 hour a day to keep me in the groove :) and go to the gym for 1 hour a day to start my new conditioning. There will be one more entry to this blog before we leave.

Not sure if I publish what I come up with while thinking and planning while travelling. or once we are back as a summary. We will see. This blog represents a window into my mind in terms of golf and it is hard to lay out a schedule. When something comes to mind and I think it is worth sharing, I will do so. Then again, I believe that every thought I share is worth sharing because it might help another person to make a decision.


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