Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A new beginning - opportunities are showing up - let us see if we can grab them

I am back. It has been over a week since I sat down to write anything. This is a good thing. It gave me time to think, to plan and to make some decisions.

One conclusion I made after spending time thinking about why I am not moving on was, that I am simply not working in the right spot surrounded by the right people. That I think was an important discovery.

If you want to be part of something, you need to start associating with people who are part of just that. Reflecting on where I practice, play and what I do. I am not doing that at all or only a little. So there is the first thing I will need to change to move on.

Change my practice facility.

Another point I think has huge impact is that need more professional help. Not that I do not think that I can do without, but I am simply running out of time. Being 46 I do not have the luxury Bubba, Lee or Chi Chi had when they we beginning to hit a ball. I need to move on with bigger steps. So I will make a decision where I get some professional help ASAP.

Luckily I actually was working on that for a while and have a pretty good idea what I will do.

The third factor I will work on is developing an image, a style. That will require some planning and thinking. The good news is that I worked on that as well.

So tomorrow will be my first day of practice after some good times with family and my honeymoon.

I will make a last stop at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club and put in a good 2 to 3 hours of practice around the green and on the range. That will be my morning session. Followed by some swimming and stretching.

A short brake and then I am off to Sarabay Country Club. After checking all my options, it became clear, that this will be a great place to continue my mission. Great golf course. Very tough golf course. Good short game facility and great iron practice area. Very fast practice green.

On top of the exceptional golf course, I will associate with some of the most interesting golf players in the state. Members who played with greats and so on. People you should know. Check out the club to read about it's history and understand what I am talking about.

Hopefully it will work out.

The summer there will also connect me with players from other tours, caddies from tours and much more. This is where the association with people comes in. We will see how it will work out and if I can get in to it.

For now I just want to report back and let all the readers know that I am more determined then ever to get the job done. It will require more work, more sacrifices and more investment. But it does not matter. If there is one thing I found out while sitting and thinking on my ship's balcony.

There is really nothing else I want to pursue. So there it is :). Tomorrow and the day after I lay out a more detailed plan on here. In terms of practice, tournaments ( which there are many in the next few months) and how we are going to build an support this business and it's most important asset, the player :).

Exciting times are coming on to us.

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