Monday, March 10, 2014

West Florida Amateur Golf Tour - Ritz Carlton Members Club Sarasota Tournament

It sure was a nice day out. Perfect golf weather. Front nine was tough. Hit 4 fairways and 1 green in regulation. There is not much you can make out of this one. Found two traps. Two burried lip balls. Putting was tough when not used to the speed . But more interesting was the pin placement. Just could not make my ball stop . I managed well. Back 9 was better. Found 6 fairways and 4 greens in regulation. Had to take a 3 putt. Which luckily was the only one. My putting count was not to bad. However I simply was not fast enough on the green. No doubt I need more distanceq of the tee. Another 30 yards at least. The good news is, that I know I have those yards in me. Just need to be a little more patient. Also I need to consider my current time investment. I should practice and play 7 days a week. Reality right now is, that I get little quality practice in and tournament play only. I am not  unhappy with my result. Today was tough to win anything. 68 was the best round.The only diffefence. Distance of the tee. 40 yards longer at times. That gives you short irons and shorter putts . Shorter putts. More opportunity. Now getting ready for Bradenton Country Club next week. Really need to get out more. The Ritz Carlton is always a nice golf course to be on. One thing I really liked were the new golf carts. Very comfortable seats, GPS and kind of laptop on cart and very fancy stearing wheel.

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