Monday, March 17, 2014

West Florida AM Tour - Bradenton Country Club tournament.

Standing here and waiting to be picked up to go home. Thunder and lightning starting at 12, but we could play on for a while before they stopped the tournament. Had a tough time to find my focus. Found it on 9. Too late then. Only the front 9 will count. That was the worst 9 I have played in many years. It is tough to have fun when shots seem to go the other way as well as putts. Justq couldq not focus on the task the way I have to. Had 1 regular drive on 11 . That was the only tee shot which is like me. Found the water a few times. Had ok shots towards the green and mostly a chance to save bogey if I had too. But I did not make any putts on the front 9. It was very windy, but I do not even mind that at all. Some of the iron shots were good. A great example of mental error would be the long hole number  5. At 427 this is a long par 4 and we were playing into the wind. My drive was not pretty and short. I had 217 to the pin on an elevated green placed behind the trap. I had a good  fairway wood just rolling off the green behind the pin. Leaving myself an uphill LW shot from about 10 yards. A actually one of my favorite shots. I left it short facing a downhill putt breaking right to left. Misjudged the speed and had a 7 foot uphill for bogey which I missed as well. Difficult to settle your mind after that. So I did some good stuff, but no reward. Followedup with a par on the par 3 . That was a good par. Hit the green. 35 foot lag and 6 inch par putt. Next tee shot: water. Unbelievable.On the back 9 it was better. I was able to get my swing under control a little bit. Had some ok drives, good shot out of had situations like fairway trap, tree trouble etc.. Lightening accompanied us beginningw at 12. We gotq called off on 16. Overall another interestingw experience. Nothing to remember. 

The plan for the next week's is standing. We have 3 more West Florida AM Tour Events, 1 Florida State Golf Association and the Club Championshipw at Terra Ceia Golfq Club. A good line up and preparation starts today.

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