Thursday, March 20, 2014

Terra Ceia Golf Club - Practice round just for fun

It has been over a year since I went out with my wife and I tell you , I miss it. There were times when we played almost every day and those were some happy times. Funny how good we played after a while doing that. Well today was the day. Still had a certificate I won some time ago. Won the closest to the pin price on a tournament. So we decided to go out and use it. Besides having the opportunity to play together, it also gave me an opportunity to play the course in preparation for the Club Championship March 28th and 29th. Not a huge tournament, but certainly one I would like to play and win. Who does not want to be the club champion?
My goal today was to keep it in play, try my new 5 wood. A club I received from my brother in law for our wedding. I need a 5 wood and at first wanted to have a matching club to my Jet Speed 3 wood. But since it was a gift , why spend another 250 $ if the club works for the distance I am looking for ? It has a wonderful feel to it and the shaft is something special. I really like it.
Christiane's goal was to play a round without loosing to many balls and get some pars in. Good news. Christiane played well, had fun and actually made a couple pars, including one on a par 3 which I bogeyed.
My round was good. My drives where in the fairway and I gave myself opportunities for birdies. First time I used my 5 wood was a trouble shot which was designed for that club 170 uphill lie in the rough and a large tree in front of me. Could be a 3 iron, which I do not play. This was exactly the shot I was looking for in order to practice this club. It worked out well and I got a good par out of it.
We played along well on this course. Both playing some good shots. Putting was tough. Greens were very slow. Like carpets, but we managed well. Had two more chances for the 5 wood. Number 8 par three. 195 to the pin from the blue tees. Usually a 3 hybrid, but we had plenty of wind, so the 5 wood was the right choice for me. Unfortunately I put the first one in the water. Gave it another go and put another one in the water ( at that point feeling like JD LOL) I hit another one and put it next to the green as I planned all along because of the pin placement. Last shot felt great and confirmed my feeling for the club. Next time I could use it on number 12. Short par 4 . Usually I go for the green with the driver, but I will play it smart from now on. My 5 wood was perfect. Straight as an error to the left side of the fairway, which is the spot to be. 200 yards. Right in the distance bracket this club needs to be for me ( 190 to 210) maybe even longer , depending on how my swing progresses.
Made a nice par with a good birdie chance.
We had fun. It was relaxing and I saw the game again as I should, as a game. At times I get to tied and then nothing goes. We simply had a good time and that is why we played good. My iron shots where all good except one which I put to the right a little. Chipping good, putting OK with those greens. Driver very good and in the fairway. This was an important round. For us as a couple and team to go out again, for me to get a practice round in and most important to get some confidence back after the last round at Bradenton Country Club, which was not a good golf round.
Now I am looking forward to practice and to the next few tournaments again. It will be fun and I have what I need to play well.

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