Thursday, March 27, 2014

Terra Ceia Bay Country Club - Practice round and getting ready

We had way to much rain over the past 7 days. So when it got better a couple days ago I though this will be a good opportunity to practice and play a round on Terra Ceia Country Club in preparation for the Club Championship the tomorrow and Saturday.

But what we found first thing in the morning was not sunshine and warm. We found cold, clouds and rain. Not exactly what we were looking for. But this time we did not stay home. We packed our gear and were on the way.

This one day a week golf we get together needs to be hold on to. Arriving at the course, the rain actually was a lot more than just 15 minutes before. Never the less we decided to play anyway. Golf is an outdoor sport and rain happens. Additionally it is good practice for me. Tournaments do not stop or are called off just because of some little rain.

My plan was to work on my 5 wood for long par 3s, get used to the slow greens on the course and get the tee shot in the fairway on those tight par 4s. All of my goals I accomplished. I was able to get my 5 wood going nicely.

Still too short with that club, but at least I am straight and have good confidence in the equipment. Keeping the ball in the fairway was no challenge today. Although it was windy I pretty much hit all of them. I think I missed two and was able to get par out of it.

The two most difficult tasks were chipping and putting. The greens were much better then last time, but still slow compared to the country clubs we usually play. I left some putts short again and my chips seem to check so good , that the ball pretty much stops on the spot.

Second can be an advantage at times.

Most important about this round I found that we were playing together. It was relaxing and nature again was incredible. Endless birds and on top one large alligator. It is relaxing to play with family just for fun. At least for me it is.

Tomorrow's game plan is simple. Keep it in play. There are only 4 holes where water does not come in to play. It is tight, greens are small and fairways can be difficult if they do not cut them down. My hope is that the greens will be rolled tomorrow morning and that they prepare the fairways.

The format is stroke play. Gross and Net winners. Not many players, but some of them really good. This course can be played at par and better. But it also can get you in trouble really fast. Putting a ball in the water is for the most part not a huge challenge on the par 4s. All of them are reachable with your 3rd shot.

It is just a matter of keeping the cool if you do hit the water. Just because of the fact that there is so much of it.

I am looking forward to play. Competing is what I like to do most. Got some good rest today and with some good night sleep I should be in good shape. The weather forecast is not that great. Let us hope they are right and the rain and thunder will come late afternoon.

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