Thursday, March 6, 2014

FSGA Tournament - Lakewoodranch Golf and Country Club , the Cyrpress Lakes Course

Got up at 5 15 am this morning. Made coffee and got myself ready to play. So excited to get out and right away on a highly rated golf course. I have never played on this course and so I was pretty happy to get a shot at this private place. Started with a coffee and a little bite to eat. After that I used one of my short meditation and mental practice videos to put myself in focus. It works great and helps me to get my mind into the proper state. There is still long ways to go in that matter.
I was picked up at 7 30 am by my friend Adam who was signed up as my team partner in this better ball event organized by the Florida State Golf Association.
Only took us 30 minutes to get there. It was raining on the way and we were hoping for better weather in Lakewood Ranch. We actually found just that. So we signed in and started warm up. While on the range the weather started to change. More clouds and more wind. It did not take long until we heard the announcement that the tournament was cancelled because of a storm coming in.
I was so disappointed. That was my 5th try to play on this course and again I was not able to get on it. We decided to use the time for some concentrated practice. They have Titleist range balls and a wonderful practice area. Nice chipping green and wide open range with plenty of targets. I thin we made it for about 30 minutes. But those 30 minutes were very productive. My focus was on short irons. 85 to 100 yards. That is a distance I shoot for on long par 5s if I am not sure that I can reach it or think that any closer there is trouble. It is also a distance range which I find when I put my driver into trouble situations and need to find a spot to approach the green safely.

It worked out well. Had my GW and PW under control. In between I took out my 3 wood and driver just to relax and added some 5 irons in between. But always went back to my GW and PW after a few shots. Once done we checked out the Pro Shop. Pretty much a standard country club pro shop. Expensive and limited selection. Off we went towards home.

It was raining cats and dogs and there was lightning and even some thunder. It was clear  that there was no practice in sight. I used some of my time to work on mental practice. Meditation mainly. Tried a new program which seemed to be pretty interesting. I can not write much about it, since I did my first session today. But I will keep you update.

Rest of the time I worked on my blogs. achims golf reviews and on educating myself on how to write better and more. I feel rested and refreshed and think that I will add to that tomorrow. On Saturday I again will show up at Lakewood Ranch Country Club. This time it will be the Royal Lakes Course. I know that one. Played it a few times and like it. A links style course with no bunkers ( all waste areas). Particular difficult when windy, which it mostly is.

This will be a Golf Channel AM Tour event. I like those events. Find my review on my review site. Very professional organized Amateur Golf Tour. I am so ready to play. Watched some golf today and one thing is for sure. There is nothing they do out there which I can not. Just a matter of working hard and sticking with it. On a good note. I had time to chat with my friend Adam Zaidel who is a very good golfer himself. Nice to learn more about his goals, the tournaments in Germany and golf in general. Always good to exchange information, tips, ideas and so on. Having a partner for practice is a nice thing and I am still working that. Anyone in the Bradenton area who has some big goals in terms of golf? Wants to open a range? Sells a Flight Scope or Simulator? Anyone who wants to team up?

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