Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Florida State Golf Association Tournaments and more - a new beginning towards my goal

Today marks the day which is the end of a close to 3 month stay of guests. Friends and family. We had so many things going on. Beginning in December and lasting through today. Including travels, wedding and more. It all was exciting and fun and we did a good job of entertaining and getting things done. We ate lots of good food and drank lots of good beer, wine and rum. Even had some cigars. It would be a longer story to tell you all the things which happened. One thing is for sure , all things which did occur were good and I am excited. Now there is a brand new start into a brand new round of reaching my goal. I am more determined and more sure that play golf  is all I want to do than ever. Talking to friends for many hours over the past months and listening to stories about work , life and so on, there is no doubt, that my thoughts are 100 % correct. Everything I believe in was confirmed as correct.
So, there is a new plan and a new approach. It will not be easy. As a matter of fact , the coming months will be more difficult and even more stressful. But that is the price I will pay without blinking to reach my goal and with that the life we are seeking.
Today I will use my time to just write, read, rest and get my mind settled and put it at ease. Preparing for tomorrow is also on the agenda. Getting my bag ready, writing a game plan and later this afternoon go to my practice area and get my irons and woods in shape. I feel great. My swing actually was good the last two rounds. I am not as settled as I like to be. It will take time to apply what I learned about mental preparation and how to get  your mind in focus on one particular task. Although I am good at it, the daily life and what comes with it , has a huge unwanted impact on my ability to play golf the way I like it. However, that is something everybody has to deal with.
So , I try some meditation today and just settle down. Put things in perspective.
Tomorrow we play a two men better ball event. Being a team will help to be more relaxed. After all we have two opportunities on every hole to get a good score in. I am excited about that as well. I will play with my good friend Adam Zaidel from Germany. Without a doubt a good golfer and simply a nice guy. So a good and fun round is coming towards us. This is also my practice round for the Golfchannel Tour Event this coming Saturday where we play the same course. It was pure luck that it happened like that. This course does not allow any practice rounds and it would have been difficult to play a stroke play event without ever having seen the golf course. We will see what happens. I am so looking forward to be on the course. The day I can do just and only that will be the ultimate accomplishment and day.
Monday I will continue on the West Florida AM Tour. At first I thought to skip all that and go to IMG for a week and get fine tuned and learn the maybe the one or other thing to progress faster and better. However, after thinking and talking, I will finish this particular tour on the golf courses they offer, about 7 events and give it my best shot to win the money title on that circuit. In combination with practice and maybe a couple other rounds I will work on finding my biggest challenges and errors. That will give me a better starting base to work on the next step with a professional swing trainer in a professional school.
Sounds all good to me. There is a few hurdles to take over the next few weeks. So cross your fingers that we find some more people for my team , which did not grow over the past 12 months and is in need of growth. For that I will apply some changes to my hole set up online and in business. More golf relations, less other relations, more golf advertising, less other advertising, more golf events of all kinds, less other things. The center of the entire project is golf in itself. My and my teams focus needs to be on that and that only. I keep listening to interviews and to teaching videos and one of the things I hear over and over again, is the fact that it takes a group of dedicated people to get things done. Just like a football team. All these minds have one common goal and put a huge part of their energy into this common goal. Only then , success will be accomplished .
Pretty good stuff and I am looking forward to draw people closer. Through my game, through my determination and through my unbreakable believe, that what I do is not on the right thing  to do, but also the only thing which will lead me and then us to were we want to go. Again, I am open to suggestions, ideas and more. There is things which need to be done and get organized. Money to be raised and people to be met. Anything you can suggest which might help? Looking forward to many more comments and communications. Next update : Tomorrow after the FSGA tournament at Lakewood Ranch.

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