Monday, March 24, 2014

Brand new start, brand new plan, brand new golf training aide , here we go again

I am up early and running hot. Had a not so good night. For some reasons my nerve in or around the right shoulder feels like it is pinched and gives me some pain. In combination with the same feeling around my lower back, my nights are becoming a little more difficult. I really have to work on that.
First step is that we are back in our diet beginning tomorrow. I still have over 40 pounds to get rid of and it needs to happen ASAP. Not only so I can swing my club easier, which is not always the case once I lose weight, but because of a feeling I have and because I saw a friend yesterday who is some 10 years or 15 years older and lives on pills, not feeling good at all times. Most because there is plenty of weight he is carrying around. Came a long way already, but there is work to do and we start today.
Saturday I received my Cradlz Smartphone holder. Great item and I will write a review on that one which I publish soon. What it does is, it attaches to a practice stick which you then can stick in the ground behind  you or in front of you and place the phone it to record videos. This in itself is not to exciting and nothing new. However, I also got the V1 Sports mobile App. This App allows me to analyze my swing, compare it to swings from over 50 pros and show side by side videos to look at my progress or what I need to work on.
This is another step forward into technology to help me progress faster and in a more positive matter. I was shooting videos with my JVC cam a couple days ago. It is interesting and it works. But it is a hassle to get those video on my laptop and I have literally no option to analyze it. So I am very limited in working with that video. I will probably put it on YouTube for myself and see what I can do with it. This week I will start building my practice cage. Got the wood for the frame. Just need some tarps ( nets are too expensive) and some other hardware and there we go. This will help greatly and give me the opportunity to practice more at home. We are still working with one vehicle, which makes it difficult to get to my practice when I want to and the time frame is shortened. So we will supplement.
I think the combination with my V1 and Swingbyte will be very beneficial. A launch monitor or Simulator would be the right way to go. But despite checking out many options, I was not able to find a way to get my hands on a product which is good enough and affordable or financeable or would be sponsored. Once I found one I would need a building anyway to actually put it up permanently. Like a large shed which I could make into a simulator shed. I will keep working on ways to get to that.

Starting this week I need to get a better routine going. I am not talking about my pre shot routine, but my daily work routine.

I have no real plan. Just doing things every day and this is not productive. Get up earlier. Get some writing done, get some advertising done and all other admin stuff. Next I need to get to the range and work on my game for at least 90 minutes. Back home and breakfast. Then do some work at and around the house. Go for an 1 walk, do some weight and gym training at home, practice in my home area and then call it a day, at most keep writing.

This is what I kind of have in mind. Combined with my golf tournaments and practice rounds, that should be a good routine to go by. Only thing keeping my at times is still constantly arising question on how to keep the project going with $. But in the end , I will try to keep my focus on the goal and how to get there as fast as possible.

So today is a new start. New daily routine, new training aide to try and work with. If someone would here about options on how to get a good launch monitor or simulator. I am open to suggestions. Further we will seek a Truck Camper this year. Possibly with hanger. But that needs to be determined first. We are not sure what we will pull and if it should be something which will create income on the road. But I am looking for input. Maybe someone out there has a Simulator to sell, lease or to make available.

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