Monday, February 17, 2014

What a great day in Vegas

If there is one thing important in life, it is to understand that we live in the here and now and nothing else is truly of any importance. While sitting here waiting for breakfast on a perfect day it becomes clear yet again. It does not get much better. Blue sky, Sun, warm, waterfalls, being with your partner. Enjoying every breath. This gives so much energy . It refreshes my mind. It reminds why I do what I do. To live and not to exist. I collect so much energy here. I am so ready to go out, practice, play, work, follow my dream and fullfill my purpose. For There are some great months coming up. We have a brand new approach. More focus on golf,less on other things. More professional help and planning. 2015 we want to be on the road and play and travel., NGA, Challenge and many more. Sky is the limit. So be patient. Watch and be amazed.

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