Thursday, January 30, 2014

Slowly getting into my golf year , Tournament on WFGT

As I wrote before my year will start different than I had planned. Less practice, less play and only few tournaments. But there is good reasoning for that. We had family here and plenty of things to get done and secondly our wedding will be in February and not only do we have guests coming but lots of preparation is on the agenda. That said I am certainly noch stopping to practice or compete. My weekly skins games are on as always and I am playing the WFAMT on Mondays as well as one FSGA tournament. That will keep me on the edge and in good playing mode. So far things look good. After 5 tournament rounds on the WFAMT I can show for 2 wins and one 3 rd place. Might not have been my best rounds, but a win is a win. It gives you confidence and $. Last Monday at The Ritz Carlton members Club it was amazing. I might have finished 3 rd , but there was endless potential. Started with birdie putts on 1 and 2 which were both very makeable but which I missed both. Had more along the way. 3 of them literally lipped out. But there is three holes which were significant and which not only cost me a very good round but also 280$. Onthe front first par 5 . I had a great drive and put myself in position for an eagle putt with my approach. But only got a par out of it. Had two 10 foot birdie putts right after and missed both. 17 I had a good drive but got close to the water. We searched and did not find it. So I dropped and played another ball. When I walked 15 yards further I found my first ball. It was in the hazard, but a very good dry lie and playable. Too late. Ended up with my only double. On 18I had a great drive . Put my approach within 8 foot. Missed the putt yet again. This one was huge. It was for the win and a skin. 280 $ lost with one putt. Still a great round. Only missed 3 fairways, had lots of GRs and great short game including bunkershots. Even putting was good. The lip outs were unlucky. Best part about all this is the fact, that I am able to play good golf with almost no practice, little play and lots of stuff on my plate. This shows me that I made very good progress mentally and playwise. We are on track and I am excited about what is to come starting in March. Mybentire environment is changing in a positive way and is changing the way I envision it.  We are close to reach some good goals. Goals which will enable me to do the next step.
For today. It is cold, my foot is not good Nd needs rest and I need to catch up with all my reports, articles and writings. In other words. A day at home. Since I love our homeq. This will be good.

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