Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Freezing day 3 how I use those times to make progress in other ways

This is the third day of freezing temperatures. Not exactly what you are looking for as a golfer. But nature has it's own agenda. Fact is that those days could be very helpful. Think about playing in the north of the US or even Europe. You never know what is going to hit you and if you never practiced in the rain or cold you will not be prepared. Yesterday I kept my physical practice low. Just spent about 45 min in my practice area with a 7 iron. Going for full and half swings. Both fairway lies and  rough lies. I was very satisfied. Even with my winter jacket I was able to turn nicely and make solid contact each and every shot. I also did some putting. Mostly 5.foot outta. Those are the most important to me. Often just around the green I can chqip those balls close but leave myself a fair amount of 5.footers from the fairway. Putting went wellq. Most of my time yesterday I worked on my mental aspects, which I think are a huge factor in my situation. Started reading a wonderful little book which was exactly what I was looking for. Interesting information. By far not new. However I need to reinforce my knowledge and start acting more accordingly. So there is some goal for this year. I will elaborate more on that later. Today I spent the morning trying to find a way to develope a playing and practice schedule. Both of it I do not do enough and need to how it. Checked different AM tours . There is great tournaments coming up. TPC Sawgraws on the 18 and 19 of this month being . My favorite. Also look for Vegas and other places. So far I only came up with 3 tournaments. 3.times West Florida Amateur Tour. Small events. Stableford. But on tour like courses. That will help t keep my putting and chipping up. I am confident to get a schedule for tournaments done soon. As well as for my practice and my school. Golf school that is. I am a little bit behind with my planning. Mostly because of other plans which need to be completed and ofcours funding of the adventure . However, no doubt in my mind that we will move forward towards the goal. Play golf, tour the US in an
RV, write about it , travel abroad , make the tours and ultimately join the senior tour here and there. Today is off day first. Then some swing practice and putting and back to the book to work on mental aspects. The hurdles in this aspect need to be taken and I know I can.

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