Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 - a new year with plenty of events and plans

OK, I agree. It took a long time to get back. The first months of this year started with all kinds of events which delayed my official start into this season. No worries, none of the events where bad. As a matter of fact , they were all very positive. Still, time passed and I was not able to sit down and get my plan together for this year. Sure it should have been done last year, but it wasn't. So I am working on it as I sit here and write. But, there will be yet another delay coming up. Although I am beginning to practice and work on my swing with all available technology and resources, the month of February is completely blocked out for another big event. My marriage. After almost a decade of wonderful times we will finally follow through with our original goal and close this circle as well.
I will not go into detail with all that. But it does have an impact on my next 6 weeks in terms of practice and tournament golf. There will be guests coming, things to be organized and so on. So I will play every day by ear on how I will do my practice. The good news is, that my tournament rounds are all scheduled and secured. Thanks to continuing support I will be able to practice, play and play in tournaments. My regular games on Fridays and Sundays will stay as they are. I will alternate between Pinebrook Ironwood and Bobby Jones Golf Club on Fridays. Tatum Ridge Golf Links will stay for Sundays, although I might take one Sunday off to spend valuable time with family from Germany.
There is 3 tournaments, all point tournaments, I will play on the West Florida Amateur Tour. Next week at the Ritz Carlton Members Club followed by Laurel Oaks Country Club and Lakewood Ranch Country Club. Those are three great events on courses which without a doubt will help my game to progress and keep me in touch with championship tracks. That is pretty much it until the end of February. Not exactly enough, but not bad. My focus will be to prepare for each single event. This I will accomplish mainly by practicing my short game on a fast green and by playing each track at home and on the range using the yardage guides to each course. Meaning, I will play the course in my mind and do so several times. The Ritz Carlton Member Club I played many times. So I feel comfortable there. Laurel Oaks would be the same. Lakewood Ranch I only played one time So that will be more demanding.
I am excited about this year. Even though the first two months were busy with all kinds of things, I played very good golf so far and I am working very hard to get in shape. I lost some lbs already and am working yet again on more. My specific weight goal is still far away, but I am making progress and that is exciting.
I have never felt better about my game and about my future in golf. Whenever I am on the course I can feel that I am going forward and that I am where  belong. It is wonderful.
This year we work on getting me into a professional golf school for a week or longer to fine tunes my swing and maybe add or cut some things. Further I will work on my home practice area. My dream being to have a full size simulator in an enclosed space where I can play and practice real rounds of golf. Also a nice putting green would be a big goal. In terms of equipment I will change to clubs and add one more. That is easy, as I know what I want and need.
I am hoping too find more resources this year to be able to give 100 % to golf only. This is the toughest one, but I am convinced that it can be done and I will do everything I can to get it done.
Last, I will put more focus on writing. I know I can write and I have plenty to write about. Thing is, you need to sit down and do it. This is the hardest for me. Not sure how we will schedule that, but there needs to be a way. Another nice thing coming up is a conversation with a friend who is thinking about starting his own line of golf clothing and is looking for advise and help in terms of advertising and marketing and design. We will see what comes out of this one. There is plenty more things coming up and I will have about 6 weeks to fully prepare. To get a better tournament schedule, find out if we get to travel, see what sponsors and resources I can find and so on and so on. But I am here. I am ready. I feel great and no doubt I will share my experiences and thoughts. Thank you for being patient.

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