Monday, December 16, 2013

West Florida Golf Tour - Last event at Bradenton Country Club

It was a good and successful year. I will write a recap of my year towards the end of this months. Today was the last event of the West Florida Am Tour for 2013. Bradenton Country Club is a nice and not easy track. My goal today was to try out my new GPS watch. A nice tool which will help to learn about my game and to score better. I had a rough start into the round. But it was not all bad. There were great bunker shots, good putts and a couple good tee shots. The back 9 was better. I scrambled along and the last 5 holes I actually played par again, which was satisfying. It is always good to be able to come back and play good holes after playing bad front 9s. Much more difficult than playing 9 good holes and stay on it. There is not much to criticize about my game. Had some wonderful and tough bunker shots, some incredible lob shots and very good drives.  I am not doing my regular practice and it shows in my short game and approach shots. But knowing the reason helps to handle those situations. My swing is good, my touch is fine, my mental set up absolutely OK. I believe if next year I am getting some professional help to get back on track ( looks like IMG or PGA in St. Augustine) I will find my old game and can move forward to better scores. Again, I will go in detail later this year. We accomplished so much.
My around at Tatum Ridge yesterday was good. Missed the 70s by 1, but am satisfied with what I am doing.
My old coach told me that I am like a Ferrari who needs some tweaking and I heard that again not too long ago. So let's get tweaked. It some times is difficult to handle the fact, that you know you can shoot great, but shoot OK, good and some times very good.
We had a good time again . The players on the West Florida Am Tour are nice and easy to get along with. There is some very good golfers in this group and I love the fact that we shoot for Pro Pins on Pro conditioned courses. Makes it really hard to play very low scores. The rest of the year I will just play some skins groups, keep it slow on practice and enjoy time with family. Probably do some practice at home , putting , chipping and using my net. Just take it easy. We have some ambitious goals for 2014 and a huge playing schedule. So a couple of weeks rest will do good :). I will keep all updated about what is going on and towards the end of this year I will analyze what I did, what we missed, how we build our team, who will be part of our team in 2014 and what the new goal is. So be patient and thank you for all the positive messages. It is great to know that there is plenty of people out there who believe 100 % , just as I do, that I can be playing on circuits again. Just a matter of time, believe and hard work.
Keep your emails coming. They keep me moving and working and staying on it.

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