Monday, December 2, 2013

West Florida Amateur Golf Tour - winter season starts and I am in

Today is the day I have been waiting for. The West Florida Amateur Golf Tour stats again and I am in and ready to go. Well, ready to go is a thing of definition. I am healthy enough to play and my back is good to go. But I missed 2 months of practice and that will be a little difficult to make up . However, it does not change the fact that I am excited to play and go out and compete. It will be different than I thought. The idea was to be fully prepared for the winter season and play tournaments which will catapult me into the pro circuit of this tour. This will be a little slower then I had in mind. Nothing I can do about it. Fact is , that my practice I did over the past 12 months changed my game and brought me to a different level of golf and mental approach. Now I will apply what I have over the next few weeks. I start practice this week. Slowly working about 10 hours on my game this week. I play this event at Laurel Oaks Country Club to begin with. Laurel Oaks Country Club is one of my favorites. We play the East Course on which I won before and which I like very much. It always has been good to me and I feel like I have a connection to this side. We will see how this course and I will connect today.
The West Florida Amateur Golf Tour is a good test. Great courses with Pro Pin Placement and a small but good field. I am excited.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it will be practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club. I have not been practicing in over 2 months, but feel that I am ready to start again and work towards my goals. Friday we have a practice round at Capris Isle Golf Club in Venice. There we will play a two men best ball tournament. I am partnering with Adam Zaidel. Good friend of mine and a very good golfer. This will be a German team up ( although I am American , I am born in Germany after all ). I think we will complement us nicely and have a good chance to get into some winning ranks of this Cadillac sponsored event. Followed by December 9th at the Ritz Carlton Members Club with the West Florida Amateur Golf Tour. I love , this is my life , this is what I like to do and this is where I feel that I am alive and happy. It is very early. I could not sleep anymore. I am excited and ready to go. Hope it is not too cold this morning. But then again, better then too humid.
First on the agenda of getting ready: Coffee, little breakfast and water. Plenty of water. No doubt , you will read a recap of today's event later.

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