Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Recap of a long weekend of golf

4 days of golf are over and I learned a lot. Started out at Carpris Isle on Friday , where I played a practice round or the weekend tournament. This Friday round had only one purpose. Map the course, get some feel for the course and learn about distances. It worked well. I just hit the ball , but from the get go had a strange feeling about my swing. It just was not there. Especially my drive. After hitting 90 of fairways for a while and having a driver average of 250+, I did ice not even get close to that on that. My right arm felling strange, no turn etc. However, we had a good time and I was able to accomplish what I wanted. As a nice bonus I made some money with a good birdie. First round of the tournament was interesting and nothing special. Again the same feeling with my swing. My right hand did not let go and I was not able to find any rhythm at all. My putting was ok though and I always could get the ball close to the hole and put out. As a team we played an ok round, but I was disappointed of what I could bring into it. This is a course where a par round should not be a problem. Went into Sunday with new and good spirits and we played better. I had a better feel and my drives were much better although still not like they were all year. Good rhythm. However, I was holding back all day long. Which resulted in short drives and short irons shots. But at least something was going well. My putting was very good and I was pleased with my short irons, which I was not able to play well the two days before. Two holes however, decided our finish. In a two men best ball event the idea is to have 1 ball in play at all times. We did not accomplish that. Two holes we both played in the water of the tee and were not able to get a bogey out of it. Pretty sad I have to say. The 4 extra strokes we got out of that literally cost us the win or being in the money. It was a fun weekend and a fun format. We won one skin. A birdie putt I made on 2. Not much money in it, but at least something. Overall I had fun. Clearly I miss my practice and the set back is bigger than I thought.
After the tournament I put my focus on Monday. The Ritz Carlton Members Club with the West Florida Golf Tour. One of my favorite tracks. I won 2 times there and got 1 second place. My last tournament good result was a Golf Channel Tour event not too long ago. A stroke play event were I came in second after playing a great round of golf. So I was looking forward to go out and bring in another good result.
I felt great. No pain and just a little tired from the weekend. My warm up indicated that I had a good feel with my short irons, ok with the mid and long irons , good with the hybrid. Yet again, my driver felt strange. However, I still could move it forward nicely.
It was a very interesting round of golf, which resulted in the worst score in over 1 year. It was pretty amazing. I hit 2 out of 14 fairways. On that course, not being in the fairway is an automatic extra stroke. The rough is difficult and getting balls out can be hard. I managed a couple times, but that was hit. When I was not in the rough, I was in the water. Incredible. I did not think it was possible to hit that many bad shots in one round of the tee. On par 3s I found the traps. I never get frustrated so I worked on every shot, never really finding any rhythm or confidence. My short irons were very good. I pulled of some incredible shots which probably saved me another 5 or 6 strokes and I actually had 3 birdie opportunities which were as close as 5 feet. But I made none of them.
I spend over 4 hours trying to get my swing back and was not able to make it happen. It is hard, when you shoot in the 70s for the most part of a year and your drives are straight and long and getting straighter and longer and all of a sudden you are facing a situation like that. Not good.
My sand shots where all very good. Giving myself chances to save par, which I did not, but the chance counts. Chipping was good, but not confident and a little short. But I was able to get it on. Only had one 3 putt. Now that is a good thing, but also shows how bad my game was on the course.
Overall it was a good learning experience. Maybe there was some mental fatigue in play , but in all honesty, I think it is the bigger picture. I did not practice one shot since September 8th. I go out there and play. This is wrong and I am not happy about it, but there was no other way to do it. This is a different player out there on the course and I do not like him. If you know you can shoot par or better and are not even close to that number, it takes plenty of mental strength to keep going and not let anyone disrupt your thoughts and goals. Here is the good news. I can not be disrupted. I know I can play par or better on any course, hit 300 yard drives and make it happen out there. But I also know what it takes to do all that. It takes time, practice, investments and a team of people who believe. Like Stacey says in here commercial. It takes practice, hard work, more hard work and the total believe that you can do it. Passion. You need to be able to block negative out and do not let bad days like that throw you of track. It is golf and things happen. Mentally I am absolutely fine. This had no impact on my goal or game. Reset and move forward. The only challenge I currently have is practice. I should be out 2 times a day working on my game and get ready to join IMG to pursue new levels. However, I am not. Have to work and due to some other factors there is no way I can do what I need to do. We have one more tournament this year and I will put my effort and focus on that one event to finish with a good round of golf. Then this year is over and we will see where we stand with my game, our team, our complete set up. First I will focus on this one event at Bradenton Country Club and after that I will go through the year and put together a report on myself :). It is 8 am and I should be getting ready for the range. Yet, I am getting ready for work. If things go well and my body holds up nice, I can go practice or even play a skins game later this afternoon. But we will have to see how things go.
One thing is for sure. I love this game and I can not wait to get out again. No matter what round I put on the card, I would not want to be anywhere else other than a golf course for work and fun. Well, other then off time.

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