Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Laurel Oaks Country Club East - West Florida Golf Tour Event and the week in the making

My first event on this tour went well. That is what I can say. We played on a course which I like and I was able to play a good round. Even though I made some mistakes and was not 100 %, I was able to shoot a nice 78. 6 over par with one double bogey. Not bad at all I must say. It brought me a nice win and some spending money for the pro shop. Unfortunately none of my skins held up. Amazing how many birdies people play. Most important was that I accomplished some other goals. 1. I was planning to hit 14 fairways. Although I did not hit 14, I did find 13 and that is a very good ratio. 2. No 3 putts. Despite me being away as far as 60 feet on tough greens, I accomplished this very important number and I am truly happy about it. I love to putt on fast greens and they were fast and in good shape. Those were the two most important things I tried to work on. Further I worked on hitting draws of the tee, which worked ok but there is lots to work on. Also it is worthy to mention that I did not find one single sand trap. I like that fact. Not that I do not feel comfortable in any sand trap, but for sure it is better to not be in it. No penalty stroke. My one errand drive was behind a tree on a 420 par 4. I punched it into the fairway of the other hole and had a blind shot over a ton of trees. 180 or so. I put it within 9 feet. Missed the putt. Was a great shot. The putt was downhill and fast and I over read the break. A great start into the season and with my set back because of my injury, I am very happy with what I did. Official money leader. No matter how you get there, lead is lead :) .
1 day rest after that. Well, it really was not rest. Had to remodel the bed room floor. Big project and it took me much longer than I thought it will. No rest for this golfer. But it worked out fine and it needed to be done. After all this is part of our life as well. Today there is some work on the agenda and short practice. Nothing to big. Just focus on putting and some shipping.
Next tournament coming up is a two men best ball at Capri Isle Golf Course in Venice. Never played there but heard good things about the golf course. Must be tough, nice greens. This is an interesting format and I will play with Adam Zaidel again. Good player and friend. He did well at Laurel Oaks as well. As a matter of fact Adam played a great round there and had a good finish and good earnings. It is always fun to play well and have all friends play well ( I have to mention that my group won big time last Monday overall). So we will play a practice round on Friday and see how the course is. I hope the greens are fast. West Florida Golf Tour at Ritz Carlton Members Club is coming up and the greens are extremely fast there. So it would be nice to find some fast greens in Venice. It is exciting. I love the game, I love to compete and I love to be out there. This is what I like to do. For now, making a living is hard. But those times will change soon. Give it some more time. I am a little behind with my plan, but I am truly moving forward. And honestly, it is not all about winning $ and so on. It is also about living a passion and a dream and that is what I am working on. Ok, breakfast and then getting ready for take off. I will be back later and update a little on plans and dreams. My back is all good and that gives me new energy.

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