Saturday, December 14, 2013

A few days of rest can get your game back on track

Yes it is absolutely true. I did not think that I am tired after 3 days of golf, but I guess I was wrong. When I played last Monday and did not get a game going it for sure was mental and physical fatigue. There was no other explanation. I did not have pain and my mind was clear. So I just kept working for a few days and did not do much for golf, just one little session at Suncoast last Thursday. It was good. Took me a few balls, but then my drive was back to almost normal. Straight, long and consistent. My wedges were much better and my mid irons OK.
Friday I played Bobby Jones. Good skins game with good players. Had a good group going. My goal was to hit fairways and good drives. Secondly to hit some good shots and give myself opportunities attacking pins. Attacking pins always involves risk of finding traps and roughs. I was happy. Found 13 of 14 fairways from the blue tees ( which were tipped out yesterday) and averaged about 250 r 260. Not very long, but long enough to reach greens and go for pins. I felt comfortable with my driver and worked with about 80 % of my power. This is a good goal for this Sunday and Monday as well. Just use 80 % and get the ball in play. My approach shots were not that great. 180 to 150 was good. My 5 iron, which I use between 170 and 190 worked OK but I have to get some work done with that. My 6 through 8 were good and dependable. My wedges were good just not accurate enough to score well. Putting is very good. Biggest struggle at Bobby Jones are the traps of which I found 3 of them. They are so inconsistent. You never know what you get. Lots of sand, no sand, little sand, dark sand or whatever. It is like Christmas packages you open. You never know what you get. One trap in particular was funny. I try to hit a good shot from about 15 yards out of a huge trap. It was so soft I scooped out 2 or 3 inches of sand and moved the ball about 4 yards within the trap. So I figured I do it different. Just to find out that in this spot I had about 1 inch or less of sand to work with. Oh my. What an experience, but I knew it can happen so I did not even think about it for a minute. Come Sunday and Monday I will have nice traps to work with. But I am not planning to be in them anyway. After all I had a stretch of a few months not finding one single bunker anywhere. Much more enjoyable golf. So , I had a good round, accomplished some goals and had a good time with the group. Did not win any $, but there is another round coming. Today I will follow up with a short practice session at Terra Ceia. Just short game and then some driver and hybrid. 2 or 3 hours. Just a light session to be in shape for tomorrow at Tatum Ridge. Skins game with close to 90 players. Will be fun. Monday we are back at Bradenton Country Club. I am looking forward to it. Need to come back and confirm my first tournament. I am not affected by bad scores. It is something that happens when you play risky or when you are tired or not in focus. So , I will go out, do what I do best and have fun on this last WFGT tournament for this year. Holidays are coming up and my focus is shifting to family time. Although golf is my life and is what I like to do best, family always comes first in the end. But I elaborate on that maybe later, after practice or so. For now there is breakfast and coffee on the list.

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