Sunday, November 24, 2013

The year goes towards the end and I am thankful for what I accomplished

I realize that this year is not over yet. But the next few weeks will not make a huge difference in the outcome of 2013 and the tremendous goal
It was an exciting year with many accomplishments and big steps forward towards my dreams and goals. While I end up short this time, I can not find one negative aspect of this entire mission. 2 months I was injured and could not practice and yet I was able to play some of my best golf in years. I will start practice, diet and workout again this coming. This is already in preparation for a huge 2014. There is a few tournaments left for this year. Capris Isle two men, WFGT and some skins. All those to finish out a great golfing year. But my full recap will be posted in January. I am happy, thankful and more confident than ever. There is no doubt in myq mind, that I am on track. So reset goals and time frames.Make new plans and keep going. That is what I will do.Last Friday I played a good but difficult golf round. It showed me one more time how difficult it can be to stay in focus when negativity is around you. So more than ever I will make sure to surround myself with positive people. People who believe in my goal and are willing to give and help. Nothing new and yetq so crucial. But for today and tomorrow ny focus is on getting some other things done.

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