Monday, November 11, 2013

Starting practice after an injury

Ok, the time has come. I feel much better. No pain when walking around or moving. No pain when waking up. So , we made progress. This week I will start practicing again. Very slowly.
There is two tournaments coming up at the beginning of December and I am planning to play both of them. I am excited to get back in the game. It is horrible when you can not do what you do , breath and live. But this week we will take it slow. Putting, some chipping and some pitching. Might add some woods to it. One at a time. I will see how I feel. It is a matter of starting slow and then add to it. Most important part of my game and in every great golfers game , is the short game. So I will chip a ton, pitch a ton and putt a ton. I am fine with my driver. I know that I can hit it straight out there. Just take it slow and do not go for distance. Also I have a new stretching regiment which I will do before every round and practice now. This will help to avoid things like I had or even still have. If things go well I might go and play at Bobby Jones this Friday. Although I would like to play Saturday in Venice I think it is to early to go for two rounds. Need to wait for another week.
We will also add some different diet and again I will go back to some Nutrition which helped me greatly before. I will report about it when the time comes in a few days. For now I thank you all for following, visiting and joining my fan page on Facebook. Also for the tips and ideas on how to get better. I will implement some of it for sure. Some of the ideas and tips will have to wait for various reasons. One thing is for sure. I will finish this year only very little short of the goal. Which that means: Reset goal and extend plan. I am more excited then ever about what I am doing and will do and there is great things to come. What I am most happy about is the fact , that I have enough time to get it done. Meaning, being 45 really helps. But I am aware that time flies and that I need to stay in focus. For now I will prepare a BBQ and Salad for the rest of this Veterans day. Which I observe thinking of all the veterans and foremost thinking about my grandpas and grandmas as well as one person I can thank for my middle name. 

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