Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Setting priorities in professional golf and life and how they both work together

Priorities dictated which way you go and how your journey will look like. Mine are pretty clear in most aspects and I can assure you, life gets much easier when you are totally clear on where you want to go and what your approach is. I have never felt more confident in my plan and in my goal. Both, short term and long term. It feels great to wake in the morning and besides being thankful, to have no worries but a clear vision of what to do next and what the goal is.
Being in this position my current status might not be fun and exciting, but it is relatively easy to go through. For almost 4 weeks I was not able to practice now. Just some putting. Played 2 days last week and although not a huge mistake, it might not have been the bet idea. On the other hand, I learned that I am not ready yet and need to keep healing.
This all has a huge impact on my regular life. One of the things which plague a future professional of any age is finances. Now , I am a very lucky guy and my situation is good. But what does good mean? Good mean, that I have no worries. I do not have to worry food, housing and so on. This is a huge factor in order to have s settled mind. Also good means, that I am not alone and have , at this point, supporters or if you want sponsors, which help greatly to make things happen. Last I have a great partner, who is supporting the plan and everything what comes with it.
Yet, all this is still only a start. Meaning I am working on business and even at times try to work on the side for other friends and companies. Now here comes the impact and the decisions to be made.
Working on our business is easy. I can do that from home and mostly on this laptop. For that I do not even have to sit and when in focus I get things done. This is our future. It is long term and easy to get done.
Working outside is a totally different story. It is a good way to support the cause and at this point in my career, I can use every single paid hour I can get. Now that is a challenge right now. There is plenty of opportunity to go and get hours in. But all of them are physical and hard work. I probably could do it right now. Just take enough pills and make it through the day and then through the night and so on. But what impact would it have on my golf game and plan? We will never know, because I am not taking the risk. No matter what. I will sit, rest and certainly not risk to get a long term injury. Now there a life impact decision. It is all about where your priorities are. So if you decide to work on a pro golf career or even thee attempt to get there, you are better ready to sacrifice all kinds of things and without hesitation. It can be hard and it is an emotional struggle at times. But envision your goal and the rewards coming with it and it will all get easier. Times like that are breaking points for some. To me, that is just a test to show that I am serious about what I am doing and will not let anything push me of my route and way.
All that said, I feel good just sitting here and doing work which is equally important in my life and not move much, turning down income opportunities and working on our future not a temporary fix. In terms of how I feel I share my Fan Page entry on Facebook.
Looks like a nice day out and certainly the temperature is perfect for a practice session. But I will stay put and keep resting my body, my muscles and my back. The best advice from a specialist was to keep resting. 2 to 6 weeks is the time frame estimate for a case like that. Well , I am in week 4. Only after that fact that all is gone I shall go any further with a doc. My pain is gone. I actually can turn nicely and no more problems sleeping. So big steps forward with all things. Yet, there is an uneasy feeling when I do certain movements. When we talk about the future, we talk about my career. The fact that I am planning to play golf in the coming years and earn income with that. So, the priority is clear and long term. Rest, let everything heal 110 %. I tell you, this is not easy. There is so many things to do. It is hard for me to just sit, stretch, eat, lay down and so on. But it needs to be done this way no matter what. I made great progress with my writing work. Soon there is more published in my blogs and sites and articles. Surely all in this group will hear about it . Also I made great progress with my mental training and my Spanish learning. Both I need to put more time in. But at least I am on it now. The Big Picture is getting all together. Like a puzzle , one piece at a time. I am thankful to have so many people crossing their fingers, many supporting me with writing, calling and in other ways. I can not tell you, how nice it is to receive a phone call from a loved one who shows support no matter what it is about . OK, enough rambling. Breakfast and a long list of thing to be done online is waiting LOL. Off into a new day and thankful for that big time.

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