Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wonderful day but short practice

It was a great day out there today. But I did not get to the range until late and then I found out that my knee is hurting when I turn. Not a very pleasant feeling I must say. I have no idea how that happened. The only explanation would be that I did too much in the past few days. My turn when I hit drivers and woods is no perfect , but I never had problems with my knee before.
Needless to say that my practice today excluded irons and woods. I put my focus on chips around the green and some lob shots. Did about 200 of that all together and was satisfied with my results. My GW is turning into a very important club around the green. It has a great feel to it and I seem to have more spin with it as well.
It is one of the JPX 825 irons. The review is out there in the next couple days, but I can tell you already, that this is a wonderful golf club for anyone.
Well, after the short practice I rested my knee all afternoon and I will do any practice tomorrow. I can not afford to get any injury and I will see on Friday morning if I can play Friday or if I hold back and focus on Saturday and Sunday. I am sure it will be fine.
Even at my current level it is crucial to stay healthy. It would be a huge set back if I could not play for longer then a couple days at this point. So we will play it safe.
Nothing to report about my blogs, website or fan page. No progress at this point. It is not easy to find the time to actually get it all done. Thinking about finding people to do it for me , so I can focus on something else. But that is a challenge in itself. So we will see. Fact is, without those sites and blogs running properly I lose money, the opportunity to find friends and partners and therefor time. Let me tell  you, if you think walking towards professional golf has everything to do with golf and not much with anything else, think again. It is a tremendous effort to get things done. There is a ton of stuff which you need to keep up with. Find tournaments, sign up, communicate with the shops and groups, find other events, find $ to stay in the game, practice , play, develop a business plan for golf and all things around you, find voluntary team members, keep the equipment in shape, talk to people constantly about your plan to convince them to join your successful team, map courses, write game plans, play practice rounds, clean stuff, find your identity on the course and off the course and build an image which you can honestly present to the public. In short, create a business, develop a player, public relations and advertisement. This is a task for about 6 or more people! So once you decide to go this way , you better be prepared :) . I like all of it and have no doubt that more people will join me and give 100 % of their leftover time to the mission. The day will come LOL.
But now, back to some writing and maybe starting the game plan for Saturday and Sunday. It is crucial to have a good game plan for the course. It helps to stay in focus. As always, comments are welcome , suggestions very welcome and any kind of support extremely welcome :)

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