Monday, October 14, 2013

Great weekend with a liltle painful end - Bobby Jones Golf Complex, Lake Venice Golf and IMG Academy

Ok, the weekend is over. I can report two very good round of golf. One at Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota where I shot some good golf despite bad fairways and bad greens. Made some $ and am satisfied. On Saturday another very good round at Lake Venice Golf Club. Again, the conditions are far from being normal. Fairways are muddy , greens are still not rolling, but it is playable. Again shot some good birdies and was able to get some $ in. I am at a point, where I know wright from the first tee, that I will shot well and that I can handle any situation. It feels great and it shows . I am gaining experience and make more and more better decisions. That is what I call growth. Gaining maturity on the course. Sunday I wanted to put my game to the test on IMG Academy Golf Course. I started ...out well on the front 9, only making a couple mistakes including missing 3 very makeable birdie putts and one par three way over hit, but pared. Towards the end however I felt a little strange in my back . I am not 100 % sure, but I think it was on 7,8 or 9 where I did something which started to hurt in my back. I bit my teeth and started out well on 10 and 11, not being able to turn well, I still had birdie opportunities. My tee of on 12 was painful. Missed the fairway, which was fine. I had a shot at the green from 140 and I do not mind fairway bunkers at all. However, I ended up short and wanted to get a LW close. Uphill lie. Hitting a full LW means turning your hips well and that was a dump decision. I hurt in my back swing and came back to fast and took out a huge divot and did not move the ball more then 15 yards, tried to pitch it close but it was too late. Took a 6 on that one. Same thing happened on 13. Drive was very good. Approach miss hit. From here on I tried to do damage control and kin of played shots like punch shots. My driver worked fine using my hands but my irons had challenges. Still hit 3 out of 4 greens in regulation, but leaving very long putts. I was hurting all afternoon and had a painful night. I guess, when you turn 45 you need to warm up better. So today we start our fitness plan up again. 20 days. No alcohol, controlled eating and slow build of muscles and loss of weight. Mostly I will write and ready today .Hope to be able to play next week in North Port for the City Championship. But we will see.

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