Friday, October 4, 2013

Bobby Jones Golf Complex - Friday skins game

For the first time in months, the course was in OK condition. It was almost all dry and they started to repair the fairways and work on the greens.
While they have long ways to go, we were able to play a decent round of golf.
Goal today was to test the knee and not overdue it. It worked out well. I hit OK drives through out the round, trying not to turn too much. But while holding back I lost some distance. Which on this course was not a huge challenge but left me with some long approach shots I did not feel comfortable with. However, I managed to get the ball to the greens and also was able to put some GRs on my card. My short game was excellent. Everything from 120 in is my game and I will build on that. Some great chipping.
Again had trouble with my putts. But I will not overate it. The greens are still in bad condition and a straight putt is a bonus. Speed of the greens seems to be different throughout the course, which is a little harder to adjust.
In the end I got of the course with a 79. Again not too exciting, but pretty true to the round I played. With some putts missed and some approach shots left short, the 7 shots to par are easy to find. No surprise what I am working on after this weekend.
My knee is fine, but I have it in my head all the time. So tomorrows task will be to get everything out of my mind and just play my game.
My tee time is 10 30 am. They tried to put me out earlier, but I declined. I like the later tee time. It gives me time to get there and maybe on the way to warm up. They do not have a range there and with my routine and back it would be better to have my 45 min warm up before the round. I will see what I can do. I might be able to stop somewhere along the way and so some warm up.
The weather should be good tomorrow , as it was today and so we are back in better conditions to score. Not sure how the course is. But I have a feeling it will be dry and the greens fast. Just as I like it. We have October and this weekend is yet another test to find out how all the practice is working out. What was interesting today was, that there were actually players in the group who were willing to bet on scores. Amazing how they think they actually can judge that. But that is why they play as they play and where they play. They give statements based on their game or what they were able to put on a score card. Interesting and actually funny :) . But my group was excited about my game and wished me success and good luck. A couple of those guys are great golfers and have a much better understanding of the game then most others. I will cross my fingers to have some of those positive players with me tomorrow in my group. But then again, it does not matter. You have to play with who you are put together. I will just be quiet and do my thing. That is what I like best. Actually I found, that most of the very good players, do not speak a lot. Some times I wonder what % of good players talks all the time and what % just goes about the game :)

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