Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another day rest for a future pro golfer

So there we go and I still need to add some more rest. I find it amazing how long it takes. Makes me wonder if age really plays a role. The goal is to be fit on November 7th for the Bradenton City Championship , but I am not so sure you if it will work out as I like it. I simply can not practice. Maybe some chipping. But in view of the upcoming months, I will play it safe and try to be as cautious as possible. What I do now will have a huge impact next year.
This will give me plenty of time to work on many other things which are directly related to the ultimate goal. Like weight, online business, fan pages , practice plans and much more. So It surely is not boring. Just different. Thank you for all the comments and messages. No doubt , that I will apply some of the advise I have received. It seems like there is plenty of golfers who experienced things like that in their golf career. Who better to learn from then from someone who has experience with that? That is it for today. Tomorrow is another day and surely I will have to report more about the overall progress and situation of the plan.

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