Thursday, October 3, 2013

A well earned break from golf, diet and work out

Not that this day was a voluntary break of anything, but it was, on the other hand, well earned.
After a ton of practice, a very strict diet plan and lots of mental practice my body seemed to have had a little challenge. Yesterday my knew was really hurting strangely. I rested it in the afternoon yesterday and I did not do any practice today. No work out in the gym and we have a 4 day break in terms of diet and gym. All feels good. But no worries ,I am not slacking or just eating like a pig and so on. Just had a nice lunch, no practice at all and no work out. No mental training. I will be ready for tomorrow which is my preparation day for the weekend.
Although , I would not suggest to take very long breaks while being in preparation for pro golf or any special task, I think a day off can be very helpful. Just to rest your mind and muscles. I feel new energy.
So I am starting to prepare my game plan and my play book for this weekend. Both will not take long. I know the course well and it is a pretty straight forward course. Key to a good round will be to get the drive in play. That will be a first step. Distance will be important, but only secondary. If I can get the ball out there between 240 and 270 on the longer par 4s I am fine.
The par 3s will be interesting. They will be over 200 on the front and could be as long as 235. That is a long way and I am not sure how I approach it. I guess it will depend on how I feel on that day. Since I am not carrying a 3 wood, I can pick my utility club, which I can hit long ways but mostly try to use as a links golf style approach or I can use my driver, which I actually use for all kinds of shots on the tee. I can use it for 200 or 250, all depending what I have in front of me. If there is some wind with me I can use my 3 hybrid as well to fly the green. But we will see. I know my clubs well and I know my abilities and will take full advantage of the experience I have.
So my play book pretty much shows a plan on where to go on each fairway to have the best shot to the middle of the green for myself. Not that I am not attacking any pins, but if I can hit the middle of each green, I will have some pretty good birdie chances and will be in much less trouble. I played most of my past rounds without ending up in any sand traps and I am planning to keep it this way. I feel confident to hit good bunker shots, but I prefer to be somewhere else. So it will be a conservative plan. Keep the ball in play and give myself some opportunities for birdies. Par 5s will be all 3 shot holes. There is only one hole I consider to get on in two, depending on the drive.
120 an in is my game and that is where I like to score and be. If I get the plan done I might share it before the tournament. We will see. Now back to some golf reviews and back to work on my website, which I am not making any progress.
Did you check out the golf reviews yet? This blog is developing nicely.

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