Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2 men better ball tournament in Sarasota

It now has been 9 days since I injured myself and I am still not all the way healed. This is driving me nuts. No practice, no play, no nothing. Sure, I have fun writing blogs, reviews, Skype with family and friends and make plans. But honestly, I rather be playing golf, practicing, fishing or standing on a bar with view on the water having a beer.
Oh well. I need to be in good shape, so I stick it out, on the couch LOL.
Today was 90 % rest. Heat pads, massage and so on. Feels great. I am confident that I am ready for this weeks tournament. It is a two men better ball. So each player plays his own ball and then you take the better score. That will help. While playing it will be interesting. I know for a fact, that my mind will try to hinder me to swing full because of fear of hurting myself. Luckily I know that 1) Pain is a mental matter and 2) fear really does not exist as a fact, but as a mental error and protection mechanism. So I will be fine. Maybe I play even better. Whenever I do not swing fully , I play more straight and score better :).
right now I am hitting 80 % fairways in average. I would like to keep it up and work on distance. As a matter of fact , the week after I got hurt, that is what I was planning to work on. So I will continue after the Sarasota Two Men in preparation for the Bradenton City Championship in November. The last test before I go back to the West Florida Golf Tour , FSGA and later Golf Channel Tour. Already it looks like I will have plus days to the original timing. How I will mark that I will let you know.
But it only makes sense to keep playing the AM tournaments. With the GHIN now being at 6.0 I am good, but not good enough. With the 2 week break I am not sure how it will go.
I need a 2.0 before I can enter the tournaments I like to enter. Sounds easy. 4 strokes. But it is huge. A huge step forward. My weight loss goes extremely well . I am getting to closer to my first bigger goal. Another lbs or 2 and we are there. But still long ways to go and then back to the gym and build golf muscle. Naturally I will do that with work out and nutrition products like Herbalife 24. But there is a broad spectrum of things which need to be done.
Not that I am turning into a fitness fanatic. Far from that. I love beer, food and the good life. But you can have both if you do it moderate and at the right time. The day before a large tournament is not that day to go out til late am and have cocktails and I stopped drinking on the course all together. Well maybe some charity events are different LOL.
So I am excited to say that my approach is by far more professional in that matter as well. It is a forming process I think. Another step in the making is a professional school, trainings cam or something. Not sure yet when, where and how and with whom. But I do know, that at one point I will have to consider it. Unless I am getting convinced I am Bubba or Lee or ChiChi LOL. Well, for now, back on the couch heat pad.
If there is anyone out there with suggestion for helping my back muscles. I am open. I like natural things and need to find out when and what to start stretching things again. So , comment and write . I appreciate it all.

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