Monday, September 9, 2013

Working out will help me hit better drives and Manate County and Lake Venice golf

What a golfing weekend. After my concerning experience last Friday, I got some good rest and was ready to hit the track in Venice for the skins games. It was a wonderful day I must say. Not too hot and finally no rain. My plan was to get the driver in shape. So grip and hit it. It worked out OK. I hit many fairways and made good pars, but was not able to convert birdie chances. Which on that day was a huge problem, as there were hardly skins which were paid. However, I was satisfied with my effort. My putting gets better and my short game certainly becomes more confident.

Sunday I played at Manatee County. Another great day. Weather was perfect. Just a small group of 16, but great golfers in the group and we had a lot of fun. The course again was in good shape. Even with all the water, the fairways were OK. Not really perfect yet, but OK. The greens are excellent and it is a joy putting on them. Funny. When I putt on good and fast greens, my putts are falling from all kinds of distances and positions. Chips are better as well. Again I wanted to hit this driver out there , so I can put myself in positions for birdies. There is some long par 4s , which make it hard to get the job done. I hit fairways all the way. Only missed 2 times or so. But the length was not the best. My only birdy was on a 397 par 4. Not the longest of holes, but considering the approach of 137 I am satisfied with my driver and the approach, which seemed to have hit the stick.

So despite my double bogeys I played a good round of golf. The doubles I got were without question all mental errors. Not that my swings were not good. They all were good. But wrong club selection, not weighing % of the situation and the shot as well as poor decisions  when setting up for my shots lead to those holes. All avoidable by just thinking. My swing is good, my putting is good. In all the game is there, just need to evaluate my situation better before deciding what club and shot I am going to play. Once I made this decision, I am committed and execute exactly what I have in my mind.

Both rounds I played I was prepared well in terms of food, water etc. That helped me to stay focused through all holes. Fact is, that many golfers lose their round on holes 15 through 18. Lack of focus and energy. This worked out great and I just need to stay on top of my preparation for those rounds and tournaments.

Also I made sure I was in the shade as much as I could, not hanging out in the sun and putting on sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours.

So I am ready for the week , which will start with the shoot out today. Again , I will prepare differently. Warming up in my home practice area. I will try to play the course in my mind. It will be fun. After that I will have 2 days rest and just keep working on touch and feeling.

Today we started our new plan working out and a special food regiment for 10 days. 45 min in the gym were interesting and just right. I do not think I can do more and need to pay attention when I do things. So I was walking and then did some weightlifting. It was good and I feel great. We will add on that.

It is correct that I am in need to lose weight. I can play with all my weight, but I also know that my game gets better with less of it. Simply because I will not get out of breath, can turn better and my legs will not hurt ( without my Ecco Hybrid shoes I would not know how to do it. Also my Ecco Streets are perfect for playing).

I will put in more commitment in order find more people who will be willing to invest in me. This weekend I spoke to a friend of mine who sponsored pros before and he said that he likes what he sees. My effort, my dedication and my willingness to put all other things aside to stay focused on the goal. He said that the Senior PGA Tour is a great long term goal in my age and that I have all I need to make it there. He also said I need to keep up lay and try to play bigger tournaments more often, here and wherever I can get to.

He is a potential sponsor, but will not join until I reach a certain level. Understandable. But there is others out there. There must be, because we need more. In order to put in more % of my time and strength. So we will keep working on that. I already have a good foundation and this should be strong enough to build upon over the next 6 months. Funds need to be raised, stuff needs to be bought, the business needs to be organized. People need to be assigned to tasks and much more.

I now feel that I am the business. The time is here that I can say, that this is a venture. Something were we can invest to make $ in the future. It is different. It is now about organizing a business, not having a hobby.

As you can feel reading that, I am excited and ready to go. Ready to do great things. But they can not be done alone. All success comes from dedicated teams. Well, now take a shower, get the equipment ready and off we go to another hot round.

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