Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why you do not want to walk when the heat index is 105

Up very early and getting ready for my next round. Yesterdays round also ended in a little mishap. I thought I will walk Bobby Jones. Heat Index was 105 and it was super humid. Already on tee 1 I was wondering why I was the only one walking. However , I moved on and played my game. The course was pretty much unplayable, so there is not much to report about the game. I had some good holes and some bogeys. It was difficult. I drank tons of water and tried to stay in the shade. Back nine started well, but on 12 I felt a little strange. The tee of on 13 I hardly remember other then I only got it out there for a about 60 yards or so. Had a tremendous shot from there. When walking towards my ball I did not seem to be moving and I kind of kept walking when a player in my group came running towards me yelling my name. I turned around and almost fell. He said that I am totally white and if I need some cold towels and something to drink which I said yes and I felt really strange. I am not sure how long I was standing there, but he brought me the stuff and I felt different and better right away. I was able to finish the hole. So, I almost passed out there not even knowing that I was walking strangely. The last holes I just let one guy taking me on the cart and I finished, but was out of strength. I then learned that being under an umbrella when it is humid as a dehydrating impact and I was just that. Got lucky. No more walking the rest of the months and no umbrella when it is humid. There is not much to tell about the round. I played one good birdie on 7, which is a tough hole and got a skin. Had other chances, but the greens were simply unreal. So , after some good rest I am ready for today and home I am in shape to get the job done. I feel good and am ready to play and win.

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