Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peridia Golf and Country Club - Short practice round is on the agenda and general thoughts

It is  very early. Just could not sleep anymore. Too much on my mind. I guess that is part of the journey. The constant thinking. Trying to figure out how to make it happen and now to progress faster. Kept me awake parts of the night. So I decided to make it an early morning and get going on some writing and planning. I am looking forward to a good practice round at Peridia Golf and Country Club. An executive course which I know for years and never even have stopped by at.
Due to some lucky circumstances I get to play there today. This will be good practice for my irons. There is some long par 3s and some par 4s which are like long par 3s or short par 4s with the chance to reach them. Going to the range is crucial , but playing is even more important and I still do not play enough and practice enough. Despite my set up being by far better then just 6 months ago, fact is , that I still can not focus 100 % on my game and the task of moving forward towards the goal. We are much closer and yet we are still far away. I am still planning all my events, try to keep up with statistics, try to find more support from companies and sponsors and so on. Those hours and hours are simply not used the right way. My focus is switching between different tasks every day. Not that this should not be like that, but not 3 to 5 times a day. It is difficult to keep focus on the essentials. So my task today is to figure out how I can manage that all better until I have a functioning support team for tournaments, advertising, statistics and so on. First step will be to organize the online track keeping better. Statistics are still only on paper and the effort to write it and keep it is huge. So I am behind and only do the minimum. I am at a complete stop with financial track keeping for this project.. Although I have a good set up, it takes a tremendous amount of time to do it. This time I need to use for more productive things like even planning, sponsor search and building relations with future partners and players as well as people in the golf community. For the time being we will simply collect all the paperwork and then put it in later. It will not be as accurate , but it will work and it will free more time for what I am supposed to do. Practice and play.
I made huge progress in organizing myself for the game, travel and tournaments. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff, things and old business. It frees up your mind and I might have enough space in the garage to actually practice not only chipping and putting but maybe even my full swing. That leads to the idea of having a simulator in the house at one point. Which that is exciting, because it will enable me to work even more and harder on my game and feel. But we are a little away from this part.
In terms of business I will keep more focus on writing and promoting instead of selling actual products. Selling products or items is fun and you can earn some cash. But it is also time consuming. So for the time being, sales of actual products will be stopped , unless I am asked directly.

I guess what I am saying is, that I need to be better organized and improve my business set up. Being a golf pro is a business. A business needs structure, a plan and team which is dedicated 100 % to the task on hand.

The plan for the next few months is developing. I entered the Manatee County Open . A 3 day tournament organized by Pope Golf and played on three different courses. I know all of them and prepare with some practice rounds of which one I played last Sunday and I will play another one this coming Sunday. This will be a first bigger test of my ability. I am excited about it and will be prepared.

A short charity event is following on the 28th of this months. This will help to promote myself, my website and to build further relations in the golf business and general. The Marine Corp Veterans are organizing this event and I am proud to be part of it as a player and sponsor.

In between I will play 2 to 3 skins game groups per week. This is good practice and more important , a chance to create income. I will pick them as I go. The criteria I pick them is cost, course and distance. Cost being the 1 of the list.

In October the Long Boat Key Open of the West Florida Golf Tour will be played and the plan is to be part of it. So far I am not signed up yet, but work on it and as soon as I am I can work on practice rounds. This is a 4 day pro event and a must to find out how we did compared to last year.

There is more to come , but I did not even put all this in the calendar yet. So I will work on that as well.

Now it is coffee time first, but I already feel like I accomplished something simply by laying out my plan and put my thoughts in writing. Comments and suggestions are welcome at any time.

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