Monday, September 16, 2013

Just over 3 months to make the goal

Time is running and it is running fast. Nothing can change it and nothing can make my day longer. Although I never minded that our time is limited and I have no control over how fast it is running. Time is a given fact and everybody has it and is in it.
I put myself on time limits or time frames often. It helps me to work harder and stay in focus. It also puts some pressure on myself to get moving and get things done.
Similar to my mission to make it into professional golf. This year is running fast. So far I can say we accomplished plenty of goals and made some great things happen. At the same time I have to say , we are way behind  and I already know that my left over time is tight.
There is ways to go to get to a golfing level to play consistently very good golf. Right now I play some good golf, some average golf and once in a while some great golf.
That is not good enough. My time investment into the task is simply not sufficient yet and over the next couple weeks I am working on finding out how I can dedicate more time to golf during the day.
The daily schedule is simply not satisfying and certainly will not lead me to my goal fast enough.
There is still too many distractions which my mind is wondering off to and which should not be there.
But it is a difficult task, because we do have to take care of certain things in life. There is work to be done for my business. Writing on the Internet and working on online advertising is time consuming and a long term project. So it takes patience and believe to work every day on your list. Once $ results come in, things will get easier. A sad factor in all of our life's aspect. Once you see $ results from your creative work, motivation kicks in. There is work to be done at home. House repairs , yard work, cleaning and so on. This all takes tremendous amounts of time and unfortunately we have to do it ourselves at this point. This is where $ come in again. It would be all much easier if someone else would do the yard, the repairs and renovations. This is all time lost. Time which could be used to work towards important goals. There is a social life, for some people that is not a factor but we do have one, and there needs to be time made free for. Also there is family for which there should be plenty of time, but which suffers from work and home ( not from golf , as this is the primary task).

The conclusion is simple. There needs to be dramatic changes in our lives very fast to make things happen and the thought about that, combined with all the conversations and discussions about that, is exactly what is keeping the mind from being free and in focus of what is important.

I have every shot in my bag. Draws, fades, lobs, sand trap shots, spin shots, stingers and so on. It comes down to what is my mind when I get to the golf course, walk up to my ball, stand over the ball, get ready for the shot, prepare for golf , get up in the morning .

I know this is all not new stuff, but since I write about it, you know it is keeping me busy. Busy enough to change my mindset in minutes, sometimes without even knowing.

In order to succeed, I need to get up, get in focus, work on prioritized tasks and stay in focus on those goals in a positive manner. This is my greatest challenge each day and a constant fight.

The great news is, that I know that I am made to play. Be out there and compete. On whatever level I will qualify at this point of my life. So I know, no matter what happens around me and comes on to me, that I am on track. On track for myself and for what I do and like to do.

The funny part is , that at this point, there is plenty of doubt and resistance around me and other players like me. But let us win a tournament or qualify for a tour. All of a sudden we are heroes, people who made it happen. Role models. All by the same crowd LOL.

So what do I do today? Pretty simple. After having a good breakfast I am going to the range and work on my driver, hybrid and short game for about 2 hours. Coming home I will have a short lunch and do some work and then I am off to a par 3 shot out to earn some $.

In the evening I will go through my stats, my day and the golf results of the weekend and write blogs and work on my social presence.

Almost a perfect day. Only swimming and a beer with friends on the water is missing. I will celebrate my day, enjoy every minute of it and let nothing distract my goal, my thoughts and my joy.

This will be an interesting week. Preparing for the Manatee County Invitational hosted by Pope Golf. This will be a good test and it will show me , where I really stand right now. How I can play from long tees, compete with really good golfers and how I deal with myself and what is around me. I am excited. This is what I am practicing for and what I think I am here for.

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