Friday, September 27, 2013

Golf after a ton of rain

Being from Seattle, WA, I know rain. I also know golfing in rain. However, what we found today at Bobby Jones Golf Course was pretty much unacceptable . Actually unplayable I should say. But after being inside the house without golf for 4 days, I did not care. Just wanted to hit this ball and be on the course. Played an OK round of golf. Some good drives, good approach shots. Putting was not the best. But on that course I have difficulties to judge speed, Once the greens are dry and firm, things look different.
So it was a good day. Had fun. Used my gift certificate at Manatee. That was nice. Got some great shirts for a good deal and some other things. Getting back at almost every competition. Tomorrow is Charity golf on the agenda. Will be great and lots of fun. Get to play with my better half as a team. Gonna show them :). Simply love this golf life style.
My getting in shape mission is coming along great as well. Losing weight and gaining some muscles. Much better fitness as well. Good things are to come :).

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