Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting the driver in shape - working on geting more distance out of my drives

After my first day of workout in the gym I actually had a muscle ache this morning. Amazing. I used to work out for 1 hour every day and had no challenge. However, it was not that bad and I got up at 6 30 am to get ready for an early morning practice at Terra Ceia Bay.
It is obvious, that I need to get my drives under control and not in terms of direction. I hit plenty of fairways, but I am simply to short.  I need more distance and until I will accomplish that I will work a very high % on that stroke. So I was off in the morning. Just do some warm up chipping from all kinds of positions. Trying to imprint this right hand feel even more and it looks good. Then a few wedges to get warmed up. A few hybrids to get a feel for the longer club.
Then I was on the driver. Thought I will use my Swingbyte analyzer, but forgot the phone , so I put my focus on set up and back swing. I worked for close to an hour on that with some good progress. There is no doubt that I can hit this ball out there. Some of my longest drives were over 300 yards. But it is consistency and confidence I need to develop even more. In order to get a shot at birdie on par 4s over 400 yards, which is actually often the case that we hit those par 4s.

I am aware, that if the fairways are dry I will get plenty of roll, but I can not count on it all the time. I am playing left to ride. A fade so to say. I feel comfortable with it and want to keep it my shot to go to. It is safer then the other option, even though I am loosing some distance.

I finished my practice with some putting and was very happy with that part of my game. The putts were good the last rounds and I feel confident from all kinds of distances.

There is a good chance that I will put in some more work in later today in my home practice area. For now I will be working on preparing, writing, advertising, connecting and cleaning. Pretty much all related to my golf business. So I am prioritizing what I do. Another step forward.

It is hard at times. Whenever  you do something , you need to ask yourself if this specific action will benefit your goal or long term goal. If not, you need to find out if there is any benefit justifying you using your time. Unfortunately I find myself often doing something which seems important at that time , but after looking at it again , it most likely has only a short term effect with no or little impact on the future. Hard to follow ? No worries. Just my thoughts as always. I am learning to stay in focus for what it takes to reach the goal and I tell you , it is not always easy, but not only doable but crucial.

It makes you wonder how some people think they can be great golfers and yet they only put 60 % of effort and thought into it? It is like at work. If you have a job and only put in 60 % you will either get paid accordingly or get fired for not reaching the goal.

Anyway, I am drifting away again. But it helps to put out the thoughts and encourage discussion which might be productive. ( which some of the emails I get are surely not LOL. But they are gone fast)

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