Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day after Labor Day - getting ready for the Manatee County Open

Pretty much rested again I am getting ready for a long day. I should be getting ready to go to the range and work on my game, preparing for my next tournament, yet I am getting ready to go work and help a friend. Hopefully not hurting my back. So far it always worked out. My little thing under my foot is still there and seems to have an impact on my entire leg. Not sure what that is, but if it is not better by tomorrow I will need to see a doc. It has been years since I went to see a doctor. But I need to be able to walk to play golf and that is the most important part of my life. It is nice out. Seems hot. But we will be inside for the most part of the day. In the afternoon I will be at Terra Ceia further working on my short game. This short game made me some $ in my life and I need to keep getting it fine tuned. Second half of the practice I will go for my longer irons and finish with some drives. That should do that trick. Today is entry for the Manatee County Open. That means, practice rounds at Manatee, Buffalow Creek and River Wilderness. I will focus on their greens and on my tee off. All three courses have long par 4s, which are crucial to my success. I am able to handle par 5s just fine. Mostly playing under par on those. I am good with par 3s up to 200 yards and will play the Sam Snead approach on the longer once to make sure I am not worse than par. Also I need to keep working on the trap game, although without practice I was able to get up and down with my two only sand trap shots last Sunday.  This is the first of 4 bigger tournaments I am planning to play to see how far I progressed from the beginning of the year and if I am getting close to my goal. Again, 1st par or better round by the end of this months.
 Another coffee and off we go.

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