Friday, September 13, 2013

Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota - a wet place with bumpy greens

What a Friday round of golf. We had about 3 days without rain and so I thought I will play Bobby Jones and get a good practice round in.
Well, it was not dry yet again. Mud, water, greens like corn fields. Actually unplayable I would say. However, I was determined to go through with my plan.
Hit the driver as hard as possible and get on the green in regulation with my hybrid or whatever I need to use.
I warmed up with some chipping and putting and felt good.
1st hole I started with a good driver and good approach, putting for birdie. Missed it long and then missed the short par putt. 2 I had good drive, but the fairway was so wet, that not only did it stop, it actually came back a foot. After a great second I put it on the green. Putting for birdie, which I missed again. 3 was one of 3 great holes I played. Another good drive in the fairway left me 190 to the pin. Usually I play Scottish and land it in front to roll it on. Not an option today , so I went for it with a good hybrid and landed 6 foot to he left for another birdie putt, which I missed yet again.
I was irritated. My putting is great and I did not miss many putts lately. Well , I continued  like that for the last few holes, Putting for birdie, missing it. On 9 I put my approach in the bunker. That is a big no no at Bobby Jones. Every bunker is different and you just never know what you encounter. On top , I had a down hill lie with downhill stands close to the edge. My goal was : get it out and on the green. I accomplished that, but then 3 putted LOL. I started the back with a good par, after putting yet again for birdie. Number 11, a long par 4, I had a good drive and then a sensation approach. 200 into the wind , uphill passing a huge tree and over the bunker. yes , you guessed it, putting for birdie. Uphill, 20 feet. Missed it , but a good par. 12 is a long par 3. I had 190 to the pin. Great shot, but my little draw did not come back all the way. Still, again going for the birdie and again missing it. Oh well, par is your friend I though. 13 I put one in the mud. I did not pick it up and clean it, which I could have and should have, which resulted in a short one into the mud, from where I was allowed to pick up and clean. However, I ended up with another double on that one. Not very happy. I got ahold of myself yet again. Great drive, good second and a nice approach on this par 5 which left me 9 foot for birdie uphill. Yup, I missed it. 15 was a total miss. I put it left over the big tree but missed my second and left my 3rd short. Missed my bogey putt. 16 I got lucky with my drive. Played it left to right, only it did not come back :) . So I was first thinking I made the water, but I did not. Approach was great. 12 foot for birdie, only it did not fall. 17 short par 3, if you play it well that is. I put it a little over, but still had a birdie chip which was makeable. Yes it was makeable, but that is all what it was. 18 I had an ok drive, a good second. My ball stopped right on a grass root thing. Mud in front. Unreal. However, I pulled of a great LW and left myself an 8 footer. I zoomed in and guess what: I MADE IT! Yes. Finally, I made one of the important putts. I was pretty excited about this par.
While I was doing all this I was riding with someone who from hole 1 to 18 did not say one positive comment or word. Amazing. Good practice for me. I have never heard anyone having so many excuses. For bad shots. Yes I agree , the course was in bad shape. But it was for all of us. Also we knew it before we teed off and on top of it, deal with it. This round brought me 11 birdie chances I believe. 5 of them I for sure should make. It takes energy to stay in focus. But yet, I did not complaint, did not say anything negative nor did I curse or so. It was not the course who kept me from scoring, it was me not being able to deal with the condition. That was the last round I played for 2 weeks on Bobby Jones. In preparation for the Manatee Invitational I will play Lake Venice Tomorrow. Maybe IMG on Sunday and Buffalow Creek some time next week. Friday we are getting started for the 3 day tournament. I am excited.
Today I learned, that I can easily hit GR from 200 yards out on the fly and maybe longer. That I can chip in any condition and that I need to practice more putting , more in general. But I am on my way and I am determined to get the job done, because I simply have  no other plan. This is the plan :) .

For now. I get some good rest. What a golfing day, I would not want to do anything else.

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