Saturday, September 28, 2013

Charity Golf MARINES

Had a great tournament.  Nice 4 some. Did not get in the winner circle. I did win the closest to the pin. Was a good shot. Many good shots and putts and yet I can feel that I miss play. The 4 days without and the round of Bobby did not help. Now relaxing and resting for IMG tomorrow.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Golf after a ton of rain

Being from Seattle, WA, I know rain. I also know golfing in rain. However, what we found today at Bobby Jones Golf Course was pretty much unacceptable . Actually unplayable I should say. But after being inside the house without golf for 4 days, I did not care. Just wanted to hit this ball and be on the course. Played an OK round of golf. Some good drives, good approach shots. Putting was not the best. But on that course I have difficulties to judge speed, Once the greens are dry and firm, things look different.
So it was a good day. Had fun. Used my gift certificate at Manatee. That was nice. Got some great shirts for a good deal and some other things. Getting back at almost every competition. Tomorrow is Charity golf on the agenda. Will be great and lots of fun. Get to play with my better half as a team. Gonna show them :). Simply love this golf life style.
My getting in shape mission is coming along great as well. Losing weight and gaining some muscles. Much better fitness as well. Good things are to come :).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gulf Gate Golf Course - A nice executive course shoot out and a day of nice practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club

Yesterday was a great day in terms of practice and golf. In the morning I went to Terra Ceia Bay. First talking to Mike Montelone about the Charity tournament we sponsor. The Marine Corps do some good things and we support that. The tournament is on the 28th of this months and we are a hole sponsor and also give free golf tees to all players. It is not much, but it is something. But that is another days writing. After getting things done for the tournament I went on and did an increment of chipping mainly with my LW. I found in my last round , that I had some troubles with judging my distances around the green. I believe it was because most greens were elevated, but just to make sure I did about 100 short chips for the feel, which btw I will do again today.
After that I again worked on my hybrid and driver. It is crucial for this coming tournament, that I am able to get this driver straight out in the fairway and that I a able to get the ball on or to the green from 180 to 210. Very important. The long par fours , meaning par 4s over 400 are the holes where I need to be able to score and I was struggling with. So I started with my hybrid first. Mainly working on set up and rhythm. I make solid contact most of the time but still do not get the distance I like. I am rushing often and need to become smoother and more consistent . My coach told me I need to have my feet wider and I try to do that, which is really difficult as I have an upright swing and my irons are fitted for that swing. So, I have the same swing with all clubs. Widening my stances means choking down on my clubs and that means less club head speed. However, I do it a little bit so I have a better stance.
It work great. I just need to keep in mind to have my shaft leaning forward a little more. I had a tendency of hitting up with my hybrid, which is a big mistake and leads to many bad shots.
I did not have one miss hit with my hybrid on the range. So after about 15 shots I switched to my utility wood, which is like a three wood but not all the way. Did about 5 with this one, as I have no trouble hitting it and feel comfortable with this club. I go by Freddy's advise. If there is no trouble with a shot or club, you should not spend time working on it. So I moved on to my driver. The never ending story with it. My past rounds I did very well, hitting it straight and hitting those fairways 80 % and more. Little lack of distance. But as I wrote before and as we all know, distance is great, but fairway is better.
I worked on about 20 shots. Main goal is to increase the carry. I was very satisfied. All of my drives are straight and feel good. My distance is good and I feel that I am getting a little longer. However, I will only see that on Friday, when I play my first round at the Manatee County Open. I just have to pay attention that I am not getting to fast. Like I said. I am better off in the fairway 240 yards out, then 280 in the deep rough or behind a tree. Just have to remember that.
I concluded my practice session with about 30 putts and I do not see any challenges with it. So it remains a mystery to me why I missed so many putts.

At 4 I was on my way to Gulf Gate . The Par 3 shoot out in Sarasota. When we took of we had a huge storm and I was hoping it will be good down there and people will show up. I was not disappointed. There was no rain at all and we had 20 players who showed up despite very bad looking skies.
My goal at Gulf Gate was simple. Put it on the green, middle or close and then give every putt a good roll. This course is known for bad and bumpy greens.

To our surprise, the greens looked great. I walked up to my shot on 1 to putt for birdie and thought, wow, those greens look good. If I have good greens, my chances are much better. Missed my birdie putt though.
Had a great shot on 2 within 9 feet. Exactly where I was aiming. Uphill putt. I took my time, gave it a good roll and made sure I follow through the ball. Birdie. Good feeling. I missed the green slightly on 3 and almost chipped it in. On 4 I put it within 7 feet just on the fringe. Again gave it a roll, birdie. I was aiming for the uphill putt with my tee shot so I felt great. 5 I was aiming for the pin, just short, put it within 1 1/2 foot. A great shot and made the birdie yet again. I continued to play well and gave myself chances and opportunities.
Great shot on 12 over the water. Putting for eagle. That I missed , but made the birdie. This is a tough par 4 , but with guts you can get over the water and bunker and put it on the green. Which worked out great. Gives you confidence.

In all, I was putting well, hitting greens with my irons and just feeling good. The only drive you can play on this course is on 6. A short par 4 which they play as a par 5. However, it is a very narrow fairway. I played about 2 yards to much to the left and bounced it into the water. Not too happy about it, but on any other fairway that would be an acceptable drive. Thing is, I was not on any other fairway at that moment LOL.
I dropped one in the rough. Had an uphill stance, 123 yards to the pin, over the pond and bushes to a pin in the front of the green. Got myself in focus and put it within 4 feet. Missed the putt though. Thing is, the shot was tough and I got it done.

The round yesterday on that course really boosted my confidence big time. My swing had good rhythm, my turn was great, I was hitting solid irons and my putting was confident and to the hole. It really helped that the greens were in much better shape.

Made some $, which was very much needed and felt like I did my job. Of my 5 birdies 2 skins held up. Very exciting also is the fact , that I played a 5 under par 53 on that short course.

Today I have about 2 hours at Terra Ceia. I will keep working on my short game and finish with about 40 shots hybrids and driver. The driver will be a key aspect for me this weekend. If I can get it in the fairway , I have a good chance to give myself opportunities on and around the green.

Later this evening I will do about 100 or so putts at home on my putting mat.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Just over 3 months to make the goal

Time is running and it is running fast. Nothing can change it and nothing can make my day longer. Although I never minded that our time is limited and I have no control over how fast it is running. Time is a given fact and everybody has it and is in it.
I put myself on time limits or time frames often. It helps me to work harder and stay in focus. It also puts some pressure on myself to get moving and get things done.
Similar to my mission to make it into professional golf. This year is running fast. So far I can say we accomplished plenty of goals and made some great things happen. At the same time I have to say , we are way behind  and I already know that my left over time is tight.
There is ways to go to get to a golfing level to play consistently very good golf. Right now I play some good golf, some average golf and once in a while some great golf.
That is not good enough. My time investment into the task is simply not sufficient yet and over the next couple weeks I am working on finding out how I can dedicate more time to golf during the day.
The daily schedule is simply not satisfying and certainly will not lead me to my goal fast enough.
There is still too many distractions which my mind is wondering off to and which should not be there.
But it is a difficult task, because we do have to take care of certain things in life. There is work to be done for my business. Writing on the Internet and working on online advertising is time consuming and a long term project. So it takes patience and believe to work every day on your list. Once $ results come in, things will get easier. A sad factor in all of our life's aspect. Once you see $ results from your creative work, motivation kicks in. There is work to be done at home. House repairs , yard work, cleaning and so on. This all takes tremendous amounts of time and unfortunately we have to do it ourselves at this point. This is where $ come in again. It would be all much easier if someone else would do the yard, the repairs and renovations. This is all time lost. Time which could be used to work towards important goals. There is a social life, for some people that is not a factor but we do have one, and there needs to be time made free for. Also there is family for which there should be plenty of time, but which suffers from work and home ( not from golf , as this is the primary task).

The conclusion is simple. There needs to be dramatic changes in our lives very fast to make things happen and the thought about that, combined with all the conversations and discussions about that, is exactly what is keeping the mind from being free and in focus of what is important.

I have every shot in my bag. Draws, fades, lobs, sand trap shots, spin shots, stingers and so on. It comes down to what is my mind when I get to the golf course, walk up to my ball, stand over the ball, get ready for the shot, prepare for golf , get up in the morning .

I know this is all not new stuff, but since I write about it, you know it is keeping me busy. Busy enough to change my mindset in minutes, sometimes without even knowing.

In order to succeed, I need to get up, get in focus, work on prioritized tasks and stay in focus on those goals in a positive manner. This is my greatest challenge each day and a constant fight.

The great news is, that I know that I am made to play. Be out there and compete. On whatever level I will qualify at this point of my life. So I know, no matter what happens around me and comes on to me, that I am on track. On track for myself and for what I do and like to do.

The funny part is , that at this point, there is plenty of doubt and resistance around me and other players like me. But let us win a tournament or qualify for a tour. All of a sudden we are heroes, people who made it happen. Role models. All by the same crowd LOL.

So what do I do today? Pretty simple. After having a good breakfast I am going to the range and work on my driver, hybrid and short game for about 2 hours. Coming home I will have a short lunch and do some work and then I am off to a par 3 shot out to earn some $.

In the evening I will go through my stats, my day and the golf results of the weekend and write blogs and work on my social presence.

Almost a perfect day. Only swimming and a beer with friends on the water is missing. I will celebrate my day, enjoy every minute of it and let nothing distract my goal, my thoughts and my joy.

This will be an interesting week. Preparing for the Manatee County Invitational hosted by Pope Golf. This will be a good test and it will show me , where I really stand right now. How I can play from long tees, compete with really good golfers and how I deal with myself and what is around me. I am excited. This is what I am practicing for and what I think I am here for.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota - a wet place with bumpy greens

What a Friday round of golf. We had about 3 days without rain and so I thought I will play Bobby Jones and get a good practice round in.
Well, it was not dry yet again. Mud, water, greens like corn fields. Actually unplayable I would say. However, I was determined to go through with my plan.
Hit the driver as hard as possible and get on the green in regulation with my hybrid or whatever I need to use.
I warmed up with some chipping and putting and felt good.
1st hole I started with a good driver and good approach, putting for birdie. Missed it long and then missed the short par putt. 2 I had good drive, but the fairway was so wet, that not only did it stop, it actually came back a foot. After a great second I put it on the green. Putting for birdie, which I missed again. 3 was one of 3 great holes I played. Another good drive in the fairway left me 190 to the pin. Usually I play Scottish and land it in front to roll it on. Not an option today , so I went for it with a good hybrid and landed 6 foot to he left for another birdie putt, which I missed yet again.
I was irritated. My putting is great and I did not miss many putts lately. Well , I continued  like that for the last few holes, Putting for birdie, missing it. On 9 I put my approach in the bunker. That is a big no no at Bobby Jones. Every bunker is different and you just never know what you encounter. On top , I had a down hill lie with downhill stands close to the edge. My goal was : get it out and on the green. I accomplished that, but then 3 putted LOL. I started the back with a good par, after putting yet again for birdie. Number 11, a long par 4, I had a good drive and then a sensation approach. 200 into the wind , uphill passing a huge tree and over the bunker. yes , you guessed it, putting for birdie. Uphill, 20 feet. Missed it , but a good par. 12 is a long par 3. I had 190 to the pin. Great shot, but my little draw did not come back all the way. Still, again going for the birdie and again missing it. Oh well, par is your friend I though. 13 I put one in the mud. I did not pick it up and clean it, which I could have and should have, which resulted in a short one into the mud, from where I was allowed to pick up and clean. However, I ended up with another double on that one. Not very happy. I got ahold of myself yet again. Great drive, good second and a nice approach on this par 5 which left me 9 foot for birdie uphill. Yup, I missed it. 15 was a total miss. I put it left over the big tree but missed my second and left my 3rd short. Missed my bogey putt. 16 I got lucky with my drive. Played it left to right, only it did not come back :) . So I was first thinking I made the water, but I did not. Approach was great. 12 foot for birdie, only it did not fall. 17 short par 3, if you play it well that is. I put it a little over, but still had a birdie chip which was makeable. Yes it was makeable, but that is all what it was. 18 I had an ok drive, a good second. My ball stopped right on a grass root thing. Mud in front. Unreal. However, I pulled of a great LW and left myself an 8 footer. I zoomed in and guess what: I MADE IT! Yes. Finally, I made one of the important putts. I was pretty excited about this par.
While I was doing all this I was riding with someone who from hole 1 to 18 did not say one positive comment or word. Amazing. Good practice for me. I have never heard anyone having so many excuses. For bad shots. Yes I agree , the course was in bad shape. But it was for all of us. Also we knew it before we teed off and on top of it, deal with it. This round brought me 11 birdie chances I believe. 5 of them I for sure should make. It takes energy to stay in focus. But yet, I did not complaint, did not say anything negative nor did I curse or so. It was not the course who kept me from scoring, it was me not being able to deal with the condition. That was the last round I played for 2 weeks on Bobby Jones. In preparation for the Manatee Invitational I will play Lake Venice Tomorrow. Maybe IMG on Sunday and Buffalow Creek some time next week. Friday we are getting started for the 3 day tournament. I am excited.
Today I learned, that I can easily hit GR from 200 yards out on the fly and maybe longer. That I can chip in any condition and that I need to practice more putting , more in general. But I am on my way and I am determined to get the job done, because I simply have  no other plan. This is the plan :) .

For now. I get some good rest. What a golfing day, I would not want to do anything else.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting the driver in shape - working on geting more distance out of my drives

After my first day of workout in the gym I actually had a muscle ache this morning. Amazing. I used to work out for 1 hour every day and had no challenge. However, it was not that bad and I got up at 6 30 am to get ready for an early morning practice at Terra Ceia Bay.
It is obvious, that I need to get my drives under control and not in terms of direction. I hit plenty of fairways, but I am simply to short.  I need more distance and until I will accomplish that I will work a very high % on that stroke. So I was off in the morning. Just do some warm up chipping from all kinds of positions. Trying to imprint this right hand feel even more and it looks good. Then a few wedges to get warmed up. A few hybrids to get a feel for the longer club.
Then I was on the driver. Thought I will use my Swingbyte analyzer, but forgot the phone , so I put my focus on set up and back swing. I worked for close to an hour on that with some good progress. There is no doubt that I can hit this ball out there. Some of my longest drives were over 300 yards. But it is consistency and confidence I need to develop even more. In order to get a shot at birdie on par 4s over 400 yards, which is actually often the case that we hit those par 4s.

I am aware, that if the fairways are dry I will get plenty of roll, but I can not count on it all the time. I am playing left to ride. A fade so to say. I feel comfortable with it and want to keep it my shot to go to. It is safer then the other option, even though I am loosing some distance.

I finished my practice with some putting and was very happy with that part of my game. The putts were good the last rounds and I feel confident from all kinds of distances.

There is a good chance that I will put in some more work in later today in my home practice area. For now I will be working on preparing, writing, advertising, connecting and cleaning. Pretty much all related to my golf business. So I am prioritizing what I do. Another step forward.

It is hard at times. Whenever  you do something , you need to ask yourself if this specific action will benefit your goal or long term goal. If not, you need to find out if there is any benefit justifying you using your time. Unfortunately I find myself often doing something which seems important at that time , but after looking at it again , it most likely has only a short term effect with no or little impact on the future. Hard to follow ? No worries. Just my thoughts as always. I am learning to stay in focus for what it takes to reach the goal and I tell you , it is not always easy, but not only doable but crucial.

It makes you wonder how some people think they can be great golfers and yet they only put 60 % of effort and thought into it? It is like at work. If you have a job and only put in 60 % you will either get paid accordingly or get fired for not reaching the goal.

Anyway, I am drifting away again. But it helps to put out the thoughts and encourage discussion which might be productive. ( which some of the emails I get are surely not LOL. But they are gone fast)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Working out will help me hit better drives and Manate County and Lake Venice golf

What a golfing weekend. After my concerning experience last Friday, I got some good rest and was ready to hit the track in Venice for the skins games. It was a wonderful day I must say. Not too hot and finally no rain. My plan was to get the driver in shape. So grip and hit it. It worked out OK. I hit many fairways and made good pars, but was not able to convert birdie chances. Which on that day was a huge problem, as there were hardly skins which were paid. However, I was satisfied with my effort. My putting gets better and my short game certainly becomes more confident.

Sunday I played at Manatee County. Another great day. Weather was perfect. Just a small group of 16, but great golfers in the group and we had a lot of fun. The course again was in good shape. Even with all the water, the fairways were OK. Not really perfect yet, but OK. The greens are excellent and it is a joy putting on them. Funny. When I putt on good and fast greens, my putts are falling from all kinds of distances and positions. Chips are better as well. Again I wanted to hit this driver out there , so I can put myself in positions for birdies. There is some long par 4s , which make it hard to get the job done. I hit fairways all the way. Only missed 2 times or so. But the length was not the best. My only birdy was on a 397 par 4. Not the longest of holes, but considering the approach of 137 I am satisfied with my driver and the approach, which seemed to have hit the stick.

So despite my double bogeys I played a good round of golf. The doubles I got were without question all mental errors. Not that my swings were not good. They all were good. But wrong club selection, not weighing % of the situation and the shot as well as poor decisions  when setting up for my shots lead to those holes. All avoidable by just thinking. My swing is good, my putting is good. In all the game is there, just need to evaluate my situation better before deciding what club and shot I am going to play. Once I made this decision, I am committed and execute exactly what I have in my mind.

Both rounds I played I was prepared well in terms of food, water etc. That helped me to stay focused through all holes. Fact is, that many golfers lose their round on holes 15 through 18. Lack of focus and energy. This worked out great and I just need to stay on top of my preparation for those rounds and tournaments.

Also I made sure I was in the shade as much as I could, not hanging out in the sun and putting on sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours.

So I am ready for the week , which will start with the shoot out today. Again , I will prepare differently. Warming up in my home practice area. I will try to play the course in my mind. It will be fun. After that I will have 2 days rest and just keep working on touch and feeling.

Today we started our new plan working out and a special food regiment for 10 days. 45 min in the gym were interesting and just right. I do not think I can do more and need to pay attention when I do things. So I was walking and then did some weightlifting. It was good and I feel great. We will add on that.

It is correct that I am in need to lose weight. I can play with all my weight, but I also know that my game gets better with less of it. Simply because I will not get out of breath, can turn better and my legs will not hurt ( without my Ecco Hybrid shoes I would not know how to do it. Also my Ecco Streets are perfect for playing).

I will put in more commitment in order find more people who will be willing to invest in me. This weekend I spoke to a friend of mine who sponsored pros before and he said that he likes what he sees. My effort, my dedication and my willingness to put all other things aside to stay focused on the goal. He said that the Senior PGA Tour is a great long term goal in my age and that I have all I need to make it there. He also said I need to keep up lay and try to play bigger tournaments more often, here and wherever I can get to.

He is a potential sponsor, but will not join until I reach a certain level. Understandable. But there is others out there. There must be, because we need more. In order to put in more % of my time and strength. So we will keep working on that. I already have a good foundation and this should be strong enough to build upon over the next 6 months. Funds need to be raised, stuff needs to be bought, the business needs to be organized. People need to be assigned to tasks and much more.

I now feel that I am the business. The time is here that I can say, that this is a venture. Something were we can invest to make $ in the future. It is different. It is now about organizing a business, not having a hobby.

As you can feel reading that, I am excited and ready to go. Ready to do great things. But they can not be done alone. All success comes from dedicated teams. Well, now take a shower, get the equipment ready and off we go to another hot round.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why you do not want to walk when the heat index is 105

Up very early and getting ready for my next round. Yesterdays round also ended in a little mishap. I thought I will walk Bobby Jones. Heat Index was 105 and it was super humid. Already on tee 1 I was wondering why I was the only one walking. However , I moved on and played my game. The course was pretty much unplayable, so there is not much to report about the game. I had some good holes and some bogeys. It was difficult. I drank tons of water and tried to stay in the shade. Back nine started well, but on 12 I felt a little strange. The tee of on 13 I hardly remember other then I only got it out there for a about 60 yards or so. Had a tremendous shot from there. When walking towards my ball I did not seem to be moving and I kind of kept walking when a player in my group came running towards me yelling my name. I turned around and almost fell. He said that I am totally white and if I need some cold towels and something to drink which I said yes and I felt really strange. I am not sure how long I was standing there, but he brought me the stuff and I felt different and better right away. I was able to finish the hole. So, I almost passed out there not even knowing that I was walking strangely. The last holes I just let one guy taking me on the cart and I finished, but was out of strength. I then learned that being under an umbrella when it is humid as a dehydrating impact and I was just that. Got lucky. No more walking the rest of the months and no umbrella when it is humid. There is not much to tell about the round. I played one good birdie on 7, which is a tough hole and got a skin. Had other chances, but the greens were simply unreal. So , after some good rest I am ready for today and home I am in shape to get the job done. I feel good and am ready to play and win.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First visit at Peridia Golf and Country Club

Despite a bad foot, but I was able to play Peridia Golf and Country Club. An executive course which has some challenging holes. A good test for short irons. The greens were just sanded and pocked, so there was not much with putting. However, it was not impossible. Made a couple mistakes which cost me 3 penalty strokes. Only made one birdie putt. Worst shot: After driving the 257 yard par 4 green by a foot, I missed my chip and had to settle for a par. 64 , 4 over par is not exactly exciting but on the other hand , not too bad either , considering all facts and that I have never played the course and did not know the water hazards. Now some rest and later some putting. Tomorrow is driving practice with brief short game work out. Then we have a huge weekend coming up yet again. 4 rounds of golf. Long and short , tough and easier. This is what I love to do, what a difference it makes when you are 100 % dedicated to your passion and dream.
As I know the course now , I will write a short review on my review site about the course. I did not go into the pro shop and also not into the restaurant. So I will have to add that later.

Peridia Golf and Country Club - Short practice round is on the agenda and general thoughts

It is  very early. Just could not sleep anymore. Too much on my mind. I guess that is part of the journey. The constant thinking. Trying to figure out how to make it happen and now to progress faster. Kept me awake parts of the night. So I decided to make it an early morning and get going on some writing and planning. I am looking forward to a good practice round at Peridia Golf and Country Club. An executive course which I know for years and never even have stopped by at.
Due to some lucky circumstances I get to play there today. This will be good practice for my irons. There is some long par 3s and some par 4s which are like long par 3s or short par 4s with the chance to reach them. Going to the range is crucial , but playing is even more important and I still do not play enough and practice enough. Despite my set up being by far better then just 6 months ago, fact is , that I still can not focus 100 % on my game and the task of moving forward towards the goal. We are much closer and yet we are still far away. I am still planning all my events, try to keep up with statistics, try to find more support from companies and sponsors and so on. Those hours and hours are simply not used the right way. My focus is switching between different tasks every day. Not that this should not be like that, but not 3 to 5 times a day. It is difficult to keep focus on the essentials. So my task today is to figure out how I can manage that all better until I have a functioning support team for tournaments, advertising, statistics and so on. First step will be to organize the online track keeping better. Statistics are still only on paper and the effort to write it and keep it is huge. So I am behind and only do the minimum. I am at a complete stop with financial track keeping for this project.. Although I have a good set up, it takes a tremendous amount of time to do it. This time I need to use for more productive things like even planning, sponsor search and building relations with future partners and players as well as people in the golf community. For the time being we will simply collect all the paperwork and then put it in later. It will not be as accurate , but it will work and it will free more time for what I am supposed to do. Practice and play.
I made huge progress in organizing myself for the game, travel and tournaments. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff, things and old business. It frees up your mind and I might have enough space in the garage to actually practice not only chipping and putting but maybe even my full swing. That leads to the idea of having a simulator in the house at one point. Which that is exciting, because it will enable me to work even more and harder on my game and feel. But we are a little away from this part.
In terms of business I will keep more focus on writing and promoting instead of selling actual products. Selling products or items is fun and you can earn some cash. But it is also time consuming. So for the time being, sales of actual products will be stopped , unless I am asked directly.

I guess what I am saying is, that I need to be better organized and improve my business set up. Being a golf pro is a business. A business needs structure, a plan and team which is dedicated 100 % to the task on hand.

The plan for the next few months is developing. I entered the Manatee County Open . A 3 day tournament organized by Pope Golf and played on three different courses. I know all of them and prepare with some practice rounds of which one I played last Sunday and I will play another one this coming Sunday. This will be a first bigger test of my ability. I am excited about it and will be prepared.

A short charity event is following on the 28th of this months. This will help to promote myself, my website and to build further relations in the golf business and general. The Marine Corp Veterans are organizing this event and I am proud to be part of it as a player and sponsor.

In between I will play 2 to 3 skins game groups per week. This is good practice and more important , a chance to create income. I will pick them as I go. The criteria I pick them is cost, course and distance. Cost being the 1 of the list.

In October the Long Boat Key Open of the West Florida Golf Tour will be played and the plan is to be part of it. So far I am not signed up yet, but work on it and as soon as I am I can work on practice rounds. This is a 4 day pro event and a must to find out how we did compared to last year.

There is more to come , but I did not even put all this in the calendar yet. So I will work on that as well.

Now it is coffee time first, but I already feel like I accomplished something simply by laying out my plan and put my thoughts in writing. Comments and suggestions are welcome at any time.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day after Labor Day - getting ready for the Manatee County Open

Pretty much rested again I am getting ready for a long day. I should be getting ready to go to the range and work on my game, preparing for my next tournament, yet I am getting ready to go work and help a friend. Hopefully not hurting my back. So far it always worked out. My little thing under my foot is still there and seems to have an impact on my entire leg. Not sure what that is, but if it is not better by tomorrow I will need to see a doc. It has been years since I went to see a doctor. But I need to be able to walk to play golf and that is the most important part of my life. It is nice out. Seems hot. But we will be inside for the most part of the day. In the afternoon I will be at Terra Ceia further working on my short game. This short game made me some $ in my life and I need to keep getting it fine tuned. Second half of the practice I will go for my longer irons and finish with some drives. That should do that trick. Today is entry for the Manatee County Open. That means, practice rounds at Manatee, Buffalow Creek and River Wilderness. I will focus on their greens and on my tee off. All three courses have long par 4s, which are crucial to my success. I am able to handle par 5s just fine. Mostly playing under par on those. I am good with par 3s up to 200 yards and will play the Sam Snead approach on the longer once to make sure I am not worse than par. Also I need to keep working on the trap game, although without practice I was able to get up and down with my two only sand trap shots last Sunday.  This is the first of 4 bigger tournaments I am planning to play to see how far I progressed from the beginning of the year and if I am getting close to my goal. Again, 1st par or better round by the end of this months.
 Another coffee and off we go.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Resting after a first round at the new Manatee County Golf Course

Labor day is resting day for me. Yesterday I played the Manatee Country Golf Course for the first time after the new greens were put in. I have not played this course in a couple years or so. I was very pleased with the course. Very long from the back tees and the greens had nice speed and rolled good as well. Usually it take up to a year for them to be in good shape. Shot a 79 and made some $. Interesting round of golf. 6 bogeys and 3 birdies on the front. 2 birdies were pretty good. One on a 467 yard par 4. I chipped it in from 20 yards. The other one on 9. Put a 147 fairway bunker shot close to the pin and made the putt. Back 9 was good and again I had a couple saves for par. No birdie on the back. Had plenty of opportunity for more birdies and pars. One can only imagine what will happen if those are converted. Day by day it is getting better and confidence is growing. I will not play until Friday or Saturday. Then I start preparing for the Manatee County Open. 3 days of golf, 3 golf courses. This will be the first of 4 bigger tournaments to see where I am standing. Exciting stuff.