Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Suncoast Golf Center Short game practice

WA State was successful. Played good golf, did good practice and made great connections. Yesterday we arrived in Orlando, FL. Super early. Dro. ve back home right away. After a little rest I decided to go and play in the shoot out at the Suncoast Golf Center. A nice little thing. About 6 to 10 very good golfers getting together and playing this par 3 course for skins. At 10 $ each entry , it is something we all can do and 18 holes for 10 $. Now that is a deal. I was tired , but I needed the practice and the exercise. Had a good time. Never got my irons to full potential, but was able to get a couple birdies which one resulted in a skin I won. Had some good putts, which missed by a hair and some good chips as well as one good bunker shot. I think I would have saved all pars. Last 4 holes were difficult. Really got tired there. It was important to go. So even when tired I can play well and more important, it shows my determination even more. There is just nothing else I want to do. Today we are back to practice. Goal for today is to putt all my scores in the system and then wok 2 hours on short game. 1 hour I will spend with my swing analyzer working on woods and long irons. Need to be ready for Friday. The Bobby Jones Skins Group is an important measure for me. Playing well in this group gives you a little idea where you stand. There is some great golfers there and beating them on their home course is a good accomplishment. Also there is some $ to be earned. My goal on this course was to shot my first under par round by the end of September. . No doubt, I will make it. The way things are going I am right on track.
Office work is also on the list today. The past weeks I did not work on paperwork and admin work. It is all a little bit much and usually that is not part of the golfer. But, there is no accountant yet and so it falls back on me. I do not mind doing all that. Just takes time which could be used otherwise. I am looking forward to one day have it set up with one of those scanners LOL. Scan it, mark it, put it away and have a report at the end of the year.

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