Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lake Venice Skins Game and another day of working on my game

Yesterday I had some fun at Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota. Unfortunately the round was stopped because of tropical rain and storm. To bad. I was on the way to shot a very low one. However, I still made some $ for a skin. Today we drove out to Lake Venice Golf. I like this course. Right on the beach. Not easy and pretty long.
I was not able to get my rhythm going. My driver just did not get out there. Every time I was getting ready I did not feel 100 % comfortable. No idea what that was. Same counts for the second shots. I worked my way through this round as good as I can and made some good pars. Had good putts, good chips, 1 good drive, good approach shots and some very good 3 woods. However, bunker play was horrible and par 3s were a disaster. Did not hit one single green. Lucky that I had my putting. That saved me plenty of trouble and also my shots from 100 yards in where good. Had an interesting challenge laying against the fence towards the airport. I selected the putter with the goal to set up with my back to the target and advance it as much as I can. I moved it about 40 yards and actually gave myself a shot at the green from 230, but hit a tree on the way and came up short. Settled for a bogey. Yet another bogey.. In that case, the shot with the putter was great though.
So it was not all that bad, but certainly not a money maker. Rounds like that show how far I am away although I am so close. I need more practice and play and need to get more rest in between days. Questions is , how can I get this done? Tough questions. I begin to see , how much more I need to invest and work. So , back to the drawing board and develop a more comprehensive plan.
I think what really is a good thing, is that no matter what situation I am in, I am working on the situation at hand and try to hit my best shot. No complaints, no anger, no excuses. This is huge and will move me forward faster. Tomorrow is resting day. Main work will be online writing and fund locations through sponsors and sales. Suggestions are welcome at any time. Next round should have been the Ritz Carlton, but I am not sure if I will be able. So , shoot out on Monday and then practice towards Lake Venice yet again. A match, which not only is fun, tough but also has some $ to be won if you have a few good shots. Got to work harder, do more and create more excitement around me. I think this will catapult us even more forward. Tomorrow I start working at home with my smash bag and net. Also I need to find out how I can find a simulator for home to spend more time on my game. Any ideas here?

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