Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gold Mountain Golf Complex - Golf Marathon and more

Yes it has been a while since I was able to sit down and write, but the days are getting shorter. So much to do. Work , travel, play , practice, work, play , practice and so on. After months of waiting we finally made it to WA. Primarily to help family with some work I was planning to play 3 tournaments. However, after thinking about it, I took one tournament out of my schedule. There is a small tour, Joergensen Golf Tour, which I like to play. Great players on very good golf courses. I had a great finish at the Ritz Carlton Members Club and was pretty motivated. When we got here I went to work right away and practiced at one of my all time favorite courses, Harbor Point Golf Club. I used to play there often. Great track and in excellent shape. But I just used the practice area. You can read a review about it soon, so I will not go into detail. I spend 80 % of my time around the chipping and pitching area and then was putting. Just one bucket on that range. They want 10 $ for 70 balls and that is a little much I think. After doing my short game practice I went over to Columbia Driving Range and did a 150 ball bucket with total focus on getting my driver straight and it worked. After a very good session I was ready for the upcoming 36 hole in one day golf marathon.
Last Saturday we then played Gold Mountain Golf Complex. First the Cascade course. A nice course, not that toughest but in good shape and with great views. Had a tough start because I did not know the course, but played myself to a 78. 5 over on front and 3 over on back. Had good opportunities for more birdies, but just could not convert. My driver was no good at all. I did not hit many fairways and became a little concerned for the next 18 on the much tougher Olympic Course. But my short game is in such great shape, that I can make any round decent.
We got lucky and it was not too hot out there. That made the first 18 not that difficult. At about 2 pm we then started the second round on the Olympic Course of the Gold Mountain Golf complex. Much more difficult golf course. I started out with a great straight and long drive and got off to a good start with a par. From there on I played well. My drives were much better. Yet I had some challenges with the rough which cost me some strokes and missed a couple birdie putts. Had to take yet another 5 over on the front for a 41. That left me with a good task on the back. My goal this weekend was to play 2 rounds in the 70s on this course, even knowing that the second 18 will be tough. After playing for 4 1/2 hours on the first 18 and with the heat coming in. On the back 9 I put all my focus into hitting this fairways and putting approach shots on in regulation and I did just that. Started with a great birdie on 10 and then worked my way through the course. Just trying to get on give myself an opportunity. I got a little fatigue at about 15. 16 I had a great drive. I had a tough approach with lots of water to the left and front. I could not settle my mind for this shot. So I played it to the right of the green to be safe. That cost me a bogey and probably some money. I followed up with very good par on 17, which was another birdie chance and moved to 18 with birdie in mind. This is a 247 yard drivable par 4. But, there is trouble every where. A group of deep and scary bunkers which are not easy to get out of. Water, bushes, trees. Scary tee shot. First I thought I will go for it, but then I took the driver and went with a little safety punch to the left fairway. Perfect shot. I wanted about 100 yards for the approach but got 112. I was fine with that. Since I could not see the pin  I walked all the way to the green to look for my landing area. The pin was in a collection area to the back of the green. Just in front of it was a little mount. The idea was to land it there and let it roll to the pin. I went with a 9 iron with the idea to punch it with little spin. I executed the shot perfectly and left myself a 4 foot birdie putt. That I missed!. Again, I simply had mental fatigue. After 9 hours of straight golf. This putt cost me at least 100 $. Not too much, but enough. Short a 79 on the Olympic course. I was not unhappy about it. My goal was to make it through 9 hours of golf and shoot in the 70s 2 times. I accomplished both goals. I got one skin and one closest to the pin and I beat the pro by 3 strokes gross and net. Which that made some cash as well. It was a great experience.
Sunday I had to take a day off playing. Resting my body after that marathon. Into the new week I started with practice and I played a round at Wayne Golf Course. An old and short course I know for many years. Not an easy track , but a nice one and it was in good shape for what it is. Shot a 69 ( 4 over par) . I was not thrilled with that. I was under par for the most part but had to take a double bogey on 17. Just made a couple bad decisions and missed a few birdie opportunities. But again, I was satisfied. Played well and navigate the ball with confidence. Drove 2 par 4s. One 246 and one 257. Both I made par, which was disappointing, but still, I gave myself a chance. I will play this course again today and see what we can do there. This will be my practice for the day. Last week I also played Avalon Golf Links. A course up north on which I will play a tournament this coming Saturday. Shot a 77 on that one in my practice round.
Over all I feel great. Shooting consistently in the 70s and low 70s. I am moving forward. My confidence level is going up. My new golf clubs feel wonderful and I am having fun. Once we have an even better set up for finances, travel etc I have no doubt I will be on my way to the goal and I might reach it earlier then I planned. Take work out of the equation and put the focus which is now partly on keeping the operation going also into the golf game, there is no way to stop me. Sounds over confident? Oh well, it might, but I feel that way and that is what counts in the end. I will try to be a little more communicative this week again. Thank you for reading :) and all the support.

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