Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are 2 days without full practice hurting my game badly?

Well, there we have it. Two days of rain , thunder and bad timing cost me time on the range. This is where the simulator comes in. But, I do not have one LOL. So. Practice at home is on the agenda. There is great ways to work on certain aspects of the game. Chipping, putting and full swings. Also I am the proud owner of a smash bag and if the rain is gone I can go  and use the practice area in the back of the yard and work with my Swingbyte. It might not be ideal , but at least I can stay in touch with my feel and rhythm and even work on some things. All to be ready tomorrow and Saturday. There is not much more then the best one can do , to get things done. One difficult issue is extra work, which I was doing in between. This physical work I am doing besides all others has a rough impact on my back. Not good. I am out for at least 2 hours every time I do that. However, I do believe that my physical condition is not perfect and if it would be a little better, I would not have any problems with that. There is interesting weeks coming on to me. I need to stay on top of my work and practice. Things are getting better and I do not want to make another step backwards. That would be really tough. So I will keep playing Fridays and Saturdays at the skins events and then try to fit in bigger tournaments. The shoot out on Monday does not count. It is only 2 hours, but great practice. I might get into some other tournaments during the week, depending if I can.
The West Florida AM Tour will start in December and I certainly will take advantage of the schedule there. Great tracks for good practice. Even though those are smaller events with not as much $, the people are great and the courses are championship clubs. So that will help me to learn how to navigate better through tough tracks. The biggest event will be at Innisbrook in Tampa with the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. A 2 day tournament on two top courses for which I will work hard to make it a great finish this year. But that is long out. Meanwhile there is plenty of work to do. Practice, keep building a team, raise funds and find sponsors and much more. That will keep me busy :). But I love every moment of it and it is great to feel, that you do what  you really want and like. Funny how other things become meaningless along the line and new things more important.
Ok, now back to work. Need to get some good sleep so I can shoot good tomorrow.
Oh, the answer is : As a beginner 2 days might have a bigger impact. In cases like mine, there might be an impact , but by far smaller and easier to overcome. So for me I will give it a no in terms of badly.

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