Friday, August 30, 2013

Another rained out golf game in Sarasota

Today's game was cancelled because of rain and Bobby Jones being unplayable. That was disappointing , but there is nothing we can do about it. Weather is weather :). I decided to go and practice for a few hours. So I drove over to Terra Ceia Bay Golf  and put in some short game work. I have to say that my GW is getting better by the day. I am using it around the green more often. Compared to my PW I seem to have more control in terms of distance. I prefer to fly the ball towards the hole and let it role out. With my PW I have to much role and often am too long and ending up way past the pin. Also I seem to get more spin with that club. I like that. It give me more feel. LW and SW are all good and I am now working on getting the exact distances charted. This will take a while. I will need some good greens and that is hard to find around here. Terra Ceia has one of them, but it has not one level spot for longer chips. We will see how it works out. Warmed up with some wedges and 5 irons. Looked good to me, although I am still too tight with my grip. I am working on it. Secondly on my left hand. Per Jack I need to make sure that the back of my hand is pointing to the target. I often am to strong with my left hand which results in many shots going left. However, it worked out good today with my irons. Also I had some good rhythm in the end.

Last 15 balls I went on to play my driver. Again I am watching my hand and my rhythm especially while taking the club away. Doing both those things resulted in long and straight drives. Nice ball flight. That was it. Then I went back for some more chips and finally I ended up in the trap.

Only 5 balls I hit and all of them were on target. It is really simple. Just keep the rhythm going. Slow is better and work on getting a thump. I am very satisfied and feel great. I am excited to go to Lake Venice tomorrow and play a good round. Hope the weather is holding up and we will stay dry for a change.

Goal again is tomorrow to play no double bogey, best no bogey and make a few birdies on the long holes for skins. I can not see any reason why I should not accomplish that.

In terms of tournaments I am working on a schedule. There is the Manatee Open coming up, a charity event and maybe a few more. Big goal is to play the Long Boat Key Open on the West Florida Tour. This will be one of 2 bigger events which will show where I am really standing at this point. Playing with the pros is the only way to do so. Goal will be to make the cut and play on the weekend. Best Amateur in the field. No doubt I can do it. Just a matter of working hard and being there.

My golf is getting more and more organized. I got rid of so many things which were holding me back mentally. It feels nice. Paperwork, some work , some other stuff. Feels great. I am also more and more excited about writing.

The golf review blog is developing nicely and I am working hard on my goal to write 1000 reviews and then keep them updated. Always adding.

Next and best of all will be the Pro Golf News Blog. There I will write and post from pro tours from all over the World. This will be exciting. I am not sure if most people are aware of how many professional golf tours are really out there.

Check out the review blog and sign up.

I will get some rest now and mentally play the golf course one time. This is a known technique to develop a good game plan.

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