Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A quiet day at home - regain strength and get some rest

Today really was a slow day in terms of golf and physical practice. I stayed home all day. Did some work around the house and worked on organizing my golf stuff. I have to many things I do not use or need and those need to go. I am not sure what it is, but I seem to take pencils from every golf course. I will work on not doing that and just bring them back to the club house. Usually they end up in the good will box every month. But I am not even sure if they can use them.
Also I have too many golf tees I never use and will not use. Why would I use a golf tee with a company logo on it which I do not get paid for? So I have golf tees with my own logo. All the others will go away. To many divot repair tools as well. I am using like 2 or 3 different pieces I like. Why I have all the other ones? No idea. So they go as well. Last I put away all the balls I am not playing . I started playing the Wilson Staff Duo in Yellow. It is a great ball. Now I am in the process of changing all my practice balls into this one ball. It does not make any sense to use different balls for practice. It is unavoidable on the range. But there the balls are consistent ( at least most of the time). So all the other balls go into a bag and go into the family bag. I am playing new balls for about 2 rounds and then they go into the tube, the cage and the chipping net.
My next step is to sell some more clubs and give the rest away. Bring back a golf bag from a company I worked for and I am almost all organized. If I can get it done the way I like, I will be able to practice inside. And I mean every swing with irons and maybe even a hybrid. No driver or 3 wood though. Not sure yet how I am going to put that together.
Still thinking about the putting area in the back, but still not sure how to get it done. Also need the roof for the net and a flat ground area to put the hitting matt. With this little space , it is not that easy to get it done and we are no further to expand. Tomorrow I am back in regular routine. 3 hour practice at Terra Ceia. Main target area: Driver yet again. I am getting more accurate all the time, but I am still not confident enough and long enough. Before I work on that I will do a good session of short game shots around the green. That is my favorite to do and I need to be in my best shape for next Saturday at Lake Venice. One of the things I will do on Thursday is work with my three wood and hybrid for the long par 3s. There is plenty of money on those holes and I need to get there without much effort.
I will close out my practice with about 30 min putting. I am happy with my putting and do not need to work on much . Just keep the feel going and make sure I am set up right. My set up is the key. If I am doing the right thing with my set up , I am doing really well. The biggest challenge remains the same. How to practice and play every day exclusively and without interruption. The only way to go to the next level. My goal to reach par at any championship course is getting closer and closer and I have no doubt, that at the end of September I will be there. Then I have about 3 more months to get my handicap below 2. Huge step and the most difficult of all of them.
Today I learned that Riegger , who won on the champions tour last weekend, qualified for the Champions Tour through the web.com tour. On which he won a tournament. Amazing. I need to read up his story and learn from that. It seems, there is yet another door and opportunity for me to get where I want to be. For now I will get some rest and look forward to my day tomorrow. Well , at least for the afternoon on the range :) .

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